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What's the difference between unmanaged, semi-managed and managed VPS hosting?

A VPS (Virtual private Server) is considered as the perfect choice for any website that's experiencing growth. It offers the isolation and dedicated resources of a dedicated server hosting, albeit at a fraction of the cost. For most shared hosting users, it is the next best upgrade.

There are three basic types of VPS Hosting solutions. These are:

- Unmanaged VPS Hosting
- Semi-managed VPS Hosting
- Managed VPS Hosting

They mainly differ from each other in terms of management and support offered by the services provider. In an unmanaged VPS Hosting environment, the user is responsible for server administration and all the responsibilities associated with configuration and management of the virtual server. For this purpose, the user should ideally have some tech know how of administration of Linux servers. Also, to avoid the chances of the server becoming vulnerable, the user must keep its services and website scripts updated by upgrading it whenever a newer version is launched.

In a Semi-Managed VPS Environment, Support of Some is Offered to the user, Such as:

- Adding additional IP addresses
- DNS management
- Re-installations of the operating system and control panel
- Kernel upgrades
- Assistance with some other common issues
- Load issues/sluggishness
- Hardware failure or network related issues
- Basic task automation
- Basic firewall setup or troubleshooting
- Troubleshooting of pre-existing configurations

This type of option is considered best for those who need just a little extra help with the management of their VPS. It saves both money and time.

A fully managed VPS hosting environment has support for almost everything the user needs in terms of managing their server. Some of the support issues include:

- Installing software
- Free migration
- Unlimited sysadmin hours
- Helping users with any questions and queries they may have regarding server performance and running
- Troubleshooting VPS related problems
- Round-the-clock monitoring
- Free patch installation
- Maintaining server security

This type is considered as the ideal solution for users who are either disinterested or ill-equipped in dealing with server maintenance issues, one who would rather concentrate on the core objectives of their business than managing the server infrastructure.

Some providers offer a small number of features that are similar in semi-managed and managed. While the managed option is definitely much more expensive, it is a good idea to go for unmanaged or semi-managed if you feel you would be able to handle most of the server administrative tasks on your own.

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