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How to Configure VPS Hosting

Now that you have purchased your VPS server from Go4hosting, you must set it up and configure it the way your business requires.
Login to your Go4hosting account.

Click on Servers. Go to the account you wish to use and click on Manage.

Read the End User Agreement and click on Accept.

You must then fill up a few fields:

1. Enter your account Name: It is also referred as Server name which will create an identity for you on your account list.
2. Choose Operating System: Go4hosting offers you a choice of Linux or Windows. Select the operating system you are comfortable to run on the server.
3. Enter User Name: This will be the log in name you will be using in future to log into your server area.
4. Create a Password: This is something you will be asked when you enter your user name. Keep it strong and remember it. You can always use the Forgot Password facility if you have lost it.
5. Reconfirm the password.
6. Click on Continue: Click on Confirm and Submit.

You may want to "Set Overage Protection". It is a bandwidth overage protection that will protect you from high bandwidth overage charges.  When you exceed your bandwidth that is allotted, it will automatically suspend your account. You can reactivate your account by purchasing additional bandwidth or is automatically restored in the next billing cycle.

Additionally, if you have bought the FTP Backup with your VPS, you must complete the FTP backup login. Create a FTP user name and password. Reconfirm the password. the process is the same. You must use the user name when you intend to login to your account and will be prompted for the password to get access.

Click Submit. Your VPS is now configured for use. Choose an appropriate hosting plan and start working.

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