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How to Choose VPS Hosting

There are several factors you must consider when you choose a VPS hosting service. VPS is the right choice for a growing website. You must have decided to upgrade from a shared hosting platform. While that is a totally managed VPS platform, VPS is a different.
The first decision is whether to go in for managed hosting or unmanaged vps hosting. VPS allows you total control to install your applications, configure the server in any manner. This requires technical skills. You may opt for self-managed hosting if you have the technical expertise. Your host will take responsibility for network up-time, server availability and maintenance of infrastructure that comes inbuilt with the server. In managed hosting, they take complete responsibility of managing the server, software updates, security patches, monitoring and maintenance.

To create a strong hosting platform, you must have sufficient resources. A VPS will need 4GB RAM. If you are running multiple websites, you will need that many times of RAM, An multiple core CPU, Storage space must be large with SSD drive would be ideal. You need a complete easy to manage control panel.
Price should not be the only consideration. The costliest will not be the best and similarly the cheapest may not necessarily provide you cheap quality infrastructure. You must look at the features being offered. It must suit your requirements. Choose an appropriate operating system .

The ideal hosting that you choose must commit to atleast 99.955 network uptime. Anything lesser may impact your business performance negatively. The host must offer 24/7 support. They must be available to assist you when you have any issues with the server.

Go4hosting is a reliable and experienced hosting company offering a wide range of VPS plans in both Windows and Linux operating system.

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