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How to Create VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is the right choice after you find your website requiring more features than what you enjoy with shared hosting. Before you upgrade to a VPS hosting, you must ensure you have chosen a reliable hosting service provider. Since you are here, it means you have made the right decision.

Go4hosting is a top VPS hosting company. Choose a plan, accept the User agreement and Terms & Conditions. Create an account with a user ID and password. Go4hosting will send you a welcome email message confirming your account. A dedicated IP will be provisioned to your account.
Login to your account. Use the SSH as the user root. You will see something like this [email protected] Replace the xxxx with the IP address that has been sent to you in your welcome email.  Create a password. Change it for better security. You will receive a prompt asking to create new password. You must reconfirm the password in the next line. You will receive a "Password authenticated" message.

Update the operating system to the latest version. Install PHP, Apache using yum, the program manager for most of the Linux distributions. it comes by default. Install the Apache web server, MySQL database, script languages like PHP, Perl, Python. yum works as an handy one-click installer for all the installations.

In case you wish to install multiple websites in your VPS hosting account, use the Apache virtual hosts. You must create individual user files per website. Place the files in the users 'public_html' folder. You may assign permissions to different users. Follow the same process as mentioned above. Replace the xxxx with the relevant dedicated IP address. Click on Save. Move to the MySQL database server and create user account and password. The above process must be repeated. Enable firewalls and secure your VPS.

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