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How to Resell VPS Hosting

By reselling your VPS hosting, you can start your own hosting business in an affordable way. Reseller hosting is a kind of web hosting where a VPS account holder can create sub-packages within the server space and bandwidth they had got with their main VPS plan.  

If you have purchased a VPS hosting plan from Go4hosting and intend to sell your un-utilized server space and bandwidth to your own clients, you have become a reseller with Go4hosting.

You will be provided with a WHM and cPanel control panel. with the cPanel, you can manage your client accounts. The WHM allows you to manage and administer your hosting account. It can be used to manage your client accounts The WHMCS can be used to manage and control your client billing, sending payment reminders etc. With the WHMCS you can know who is Up to Date with payments, which account is due payment in the coming days etc. You can set alerts when they overshoot their resource provided to them.

There are many benefits for you. Firstly, reseller hosting will enable you to gain experience as a host to your clients. The server infrastructure is all provided by Go4hosting. Your websites will be housed at their data centers. You can use your brand name, create your own packages and prices.

Go4hosting is responsible for server maintenance and management. They will maintain and provide for the software updates, upgrades, security patches and everything to make sure the servers work in the best condition to get your clients maximum up-time, high speed and the best performance. Your clients will deal only with you. Go4hosting will not interfere with their accounts. Their support team works 24/7 to assist you with any server related issues. as a reseller, you must provide the same technical support to your clients.

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