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Web Server Benefits

Web Server Hosting – Overview

A web server is a physical computer or piece of hardware that delivers content or services to end users over the Internet. It comprises of a physical server, operating system and software; together, these components are used to streamline the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) communication process. In layman’s terms, web server enables businesses as well as individuals to set foot on the World Wide Web and further ensures an easy online accessibility.

Web servers render many advantages especially within a development environment. Such a server becomes a key necessity as far as production hosting environments are concerned. That is why, for a website to perform at its best, a web server becomes an indispensable part.

Benefits of Web Server

  • Round-the-clock support
  • Customized server settings in compliance with your requirements
  • Hassle-free installation and deployment
  • Easy to manage applications
  • Multiple tier 3 data center
  • 99.95% uptime guarantee
  • Original hardware components from Dell, Intel and HP which combine technical innovation
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Features of a Web Server

A web server is a programme that is operated by receiving http request from client and sends relevant document as http response to client. The best part about a web server that it is not designed just to support static contents like files but also to support dynamic content by interfaces like ASP, JSP, ASP.Net, etc. Here are some major web server features that must be looked apart from just knowing that what is web server, these are also important enough to look out before purchasing-

  1. Bandwidth Limits- Bandwidth is the amount of data a website can transfer over a period of time. In simple words or in a layman language, bandwidth is the amount of data that you will be allowed to download or upload. Some web servers might promise you with unlimited bandwidth but that would be just to attract you initially. Bandwidth requires management or else will limit your traffic speed that would further affect your performance.

  2. Storage Amount The first and foremost that pops up while selecting a web server would be its storage capacity. It is the total amount of space on a server where you can store website files. The storage capacity is directly determined by the disk space that is essential to store databases, files and other media. You can select your webs server depending on the scale of your website. Web server dealing in few gigabytes would be more than enough for a small to medium scale website.

  3. Any ADD-ON Domain ADD-ON domains are used when there is a need to host several domains from a single hosting account. There are multiple website that find difficulty as they have to manage so many domains all together. Hence, it is advisory to check with your web server provider that they have the provision of ADD-ON domains.

  4. Uptime Uptime is that time that tracks the time for which the web server was functional that is measured in percentage. Before buying it would be best to check the actual rate by some available online third-party tools. According to the Standard Industry Norms, 99% is the standard uptime.

  5. Reliability The web server you are going to put your money and trust for like 2-3 years or more should be reliable enough. An ideal web server can prove to be reliable by providing 24/7 customer assistance. You can ensure the reliability of your web servers by going through past reviews.

  6. Pre-Installed Apps Pre-installed apps are important as there are so many requirements of a website that needs to be fulfilled and is not a single handed task. They improve efficiency and enable your website to handle most of the complex tasks.

  7. Programming Language It is equally important as the other features to check the programming language that your web server is based on. Every website or business owner has their set of preferences. Always try to explore with the options apart from those conventional programming languages i.e. PHP, PYTHON, etc.

  8. Backup A website needs backup at regular intervals of its files and the databases. Significant data losses that is very frequent these days. Hence, looking out for a good regular backup feature in your web server can save you from many adverse situations.

Web Server FAQs

What does server uptime means?

Server uptime is that time that decides the amount of time a web server is fully functional and remains online. Once the server goes offline, no operations can be performed through the website. It renders it totally un-operational and useless. We at Go4hodting provide 99% of uptime.

What is a domain name?

Domain name defines the network domain and represents the IP (Internet Protocol) which is used by the web server to access the internet. These are the easily readable names that represent the address of any page on the internet. This is the advantage of a web server.

What is disk space?

Disk space is the storage capacity that is required by your website to support its files and databases. Web host’s server stores each file, media or even a single letter of data. Disk space is determined in bytes, gigabytes and even in petabytes.

How do web server work?

The disk space of your web server will only decide the amount of data that can be transmitted in a specific time. As most of the working of the web servers depends on the disk space.

Does the domain name need to be changed if one get a new host?

As long as the domain is registered in your name, there will be no need to change the domain name. One can simply update the name of the server to determine your host.

How much does Go4hosting web server costs?

Go4hosting has been known for its service for value. Pricing of our web servers depends on the kind of package you have subscribed for. These costs depend on the bandwidth, disk space, type of hosting service, etc. We have hosting packages in all ranges depending on your requirement and suiting you’re paying capacities. Apart from pricing, Go4hosting is known for efficient web server management.

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