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What are the different data centers deployed for cloud computing?

Emergence of cloud computing technologies and subsequent proliferation of cloud adoption due to availability of different cloud service models and delivery paradigms have resulted in development of modern data centers. These facilities are designed to address the significantly data driven workloads and zero tolerance policy for quality, latency, and performance.

Cloud data centers cater to highly specific infrastructure needs for efficiently serving cloud consumers' needs. Naturally, data centers are considered as key attribute of cloud computing with special focus on flawless networks, content, and service just to name a few.

Data center infrastructure for cloud hosting services is rapidly evolving to face the challenges of power requirements of enterprise hardware and micro colocation needs of various enterprises.

Thanks to the proliferation of High Definition video content, Internet of Things, and massive data generation, it is projected that the internet traffic will be growing at the rate of 30 to 40 percent year on year. The bandwidth-intensive content consumption will result in need to establish data centers in Tier 2 cities in order to move content closer to end users.

Growth of specialty data center will also be driven by need to manage backups, emails, security, Database as a Service, CDN, and disaster recovery among others.

Cloud services will also boost emergence of Software Defined Data Centers that will have significant concentration of virtualized aspects. It is exclusively built for the cloud and is exclusively geared toward servicing modern applications.

Software defined data centers are built for catering to modern enterprise that are planning for cloud adoption without incurring costs of major physical overhaul. These facilities will enable enterprises to benefit from outsourced IT features including Software as a Service or cloud based services of Infrastructure as a Service.

In order to perform serious cloud computing, there is need to have massive data centers. These data centers are empowered by redundant internet connectivity, massive bank of batteries, and equally powerful cooling systems. These data centers are built to house thousands of servers.

There can be no two opinions about cloud's involvement in driving evolution of data center design. It is also resulting in significant impact on the consolidation of industry.

In view of this, Software Defined Data Centers are capable of addressing enterprise's cloud needs. These data centers are able to separate application layer from the layer of physical infrastructure to facilitate broad assortment of finicalities such as computing, managing, deployment, storage, and many more business associated applications in cloud environment.

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