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Compelling Attributes of Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service represents a cloud based service that facilitates online access to software applications. Consumers are able to use software applications and use them for multiple purposes on rental basis. SaaS is an excellent alternative to the conventional method of installing the applications on physical machines and configuring for their use.

Since SaaS is a subscription based service, users are required to pay for their use similar to the payments made for subscribing to TV channels. SaaS vendors are supposed to host service codes and databases, which are part of the software application.


Time Saving Subscription Service

Unlike legacy method of purchasing software and then installing on local machines, users of SaaS can subscribe to the service for a defined period such as month or year. The application files are saved in cloud environment and are accessed by users from any location as well as from any internet enabled computing device.

SaaS applications are accessed via internet as pre-configured products and are ready to be used without spending time for their configuration or installation. SaaS offerings also help obviate possible issues that are usually associated with deployment of software in traditional method. Moreover, traditional software may take days or weeks for their installation unlike SaaS applications that are up and running within hours.

Easy deployment for instant benefits

Unlike legacy models, the software applications that are accessed via SaaS method are offered as pre-configured and pre-installed models. These are ready to be used within a very short period by provisioning the server in cloud for the instance. This can significantly minimize the period of installation as well as configuration without any issues that are usually needed to be dealt with in case of installation of traditional software applications.

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Remarkable Cost Efficiency

Small and medium businesses can easily afford SaaS model due to the fact that it is residing in a multitenant or shared environment with significantly low costs of hardware and software licenses in comparison with conventional models. SMBs are therefore empowered to access high end applications that may not be commercially viable through traditional methods due to prohibitive license fees. SaaS functions in multi-user environment and therefore mitigates maintenance costs.

SaaS helps organization save on upfront costs that are involved in acquiring hardware infrastructure and hiring technical manpower for application management as well as maintenance. Subscription based model of payment enables predictability of expenditure and facilitates budgeting.

Outstanding Scalability

SaaS is a cloud based offering and therefore it can be easily scaled up in cloud environment and can also be seamlessly integrated with different SaaS models. Unlike conventional software models, users of SaaS are not supposed to acquire another server or software for installation. SaaS providers are responsible for server capacity planning and users are only required to enable the SaaS model.

Simplified upgrades

Application upgrades are instantly made available to users by SaaS providers. This would be a highly cumbersome process in traditional applications since users have to pay for specialized services or physically upgrade package by purchasing one. SaaS facilitate easy as well as timely upgrades to make sure that the application is always up-to-date. In addition to the ease of upgrades, customers are also able to save on costs and efforts.

Easy and ready to go

It is extremely easy to access SaaS apps via a plethora of handheld devices via internet. These applications are also highly regarded for intuitive user interfaces that have been continuously improved over the years.

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Individuals with little or no technical knowledge are also able to use these applications with help of basic training. Yu can also benefit from large array of online tutorials as well as guides to improve your understanding that will help you get the best out of these apps.

SaaS provide immense scope for customization and can be tweaked with help of strong technical support offered by the back-end teams.

SaaS products are offered with pre-installed samples and the best practices to facilitate their proper use. It is also possible to test functionality of software as well as new releases before making a purchase or to perform proof of concepts. Users are also able to go for multiple instances with different versions for hassle free migration.

Greater security

The data related to SaaS application is stored in cloud environment and is therefore immune from any on-premise events. Additionally the data is also being regularly backed up by service providers. Employees can safely access data without fear of losing it even there is any issue with local systems, since the data is secure in databases that are maintained by service providers.

In the highly competitive environment that is driven by high tech applications and cutting edge IT capabilities, organizations cannot afford to lag behind. Software as a Service based applications are easy to use, secure, scalable, customizable and cost efficient. These apps empower event small and medium sized businesses with minimum impact on IT resources. Modern SaaS offerings help streamline business processes and span wide spectrum of roles covering marketing, finance, human resources, accounting, e-commerce, analytics, and ERP just to name a few.

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