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How IaaS Model Helps Service Providers in Gaining Competitive Edge

Infrastructure-as-a-Service is gaining immense popularity among all size businesses, concurrently allowing both service providers and enterprises to enter into the success orbit and drive profit motifs. IaaS is one of the cost-effective cloud services, allowing enterprises to avail compute resources on demand on a pay-per-use billing method.

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A recent research indicates that IaaS has the potential to open new revenue streams, accelerate growth while moving providers offering IaaS cloud hosting service up in the chain. Also, it provides increased ROI through high-end multi-tenancy solutions, and open market opportunities.

Implementing IaaS helps service providers to redefine the service they offer to enterprise users. As a result, providers can gain edge over their competitors by giving users an array of strategically imperative benefits, including:

Enhanced Financial Flexibility:

Businesses can quickly host their IT systems in a world-class computing environment, and prominently reduce overhead costs on procuring servers, renting data center space, software applications, and network infrastructure.

A Host of Options:

IaaS cloud service providers can offer multitude of services to enterprise users, ensuring the offered services are readily available, easily accessible and are well-defined.

Boosts Business Agility:

Users can easily provision, scale resources up/down without worrying for cost and intricacies involved in management and maintenance of IT infrastructure.

Greater Scalability:

IaaS cloud service model works on pay-as-you-go model, allowing users to provision compute resources, depending on their changing business demands and pay only for the resources they have utilized.

Leading SLAs:

Service providers can ensure high service availability by adopting industry-leading SLAs established on fault-tolerant technologies. This will help in building brand value and trust factors among enterprise users that their business applications are up and running all the time.

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Additionally, high level of security standards will provide users a secured environment to host their mission-critical applications.

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