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Challenges You May Face of Using a Hybrid Cloud Hosting!

Organizations have started realizing that a hybrid cloud solution is one of the best operating models available. The question arises that how can you expect the agility when several challenges are part of hybrid cloud hosting solution?

This blog discusses about some of these challenges and some corresponding solutions for the cloud users. Cloud users who are facing issues with security and networking and other issues as such integration and system management can have look on the proposed solutions below.

Some Prominent Hybrid Cloud Challenges:

In most of the cases, a hybrid cloud hosting is the combination of complimentary but can’t be considered as an identical computing environment. Precisely, a hybrid cloud processes, techniques, and tools may be appropriate for one work place but not for all kinds of work environments. Thus users should ask the cloud hosting provider to configure their hybrid cloud as per their requirement.

Challenge for Compatibility:

Together two distinct environments can’t be smooth or hassle free. It is possible to have same technology stack in both public and public cloud environment. But the technology, processes and users may not complement all the time. Thus, users may face compatible issue.

Avoid Hypervisor-Level Settings:

Public cloud hosting providers support the import and export of virtual machines in a standard format. It is fact that public cloud hosting solution exposes hypervisor configurations to the user. Thus, if users want to experience the same consistency with a hybrid cloud solution then it is better to avoid any hypervisor-level settings which won’t work in both the environments. Users may tune all the applications and services to wean themselves off of specific hypervisors.

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Allow Bimodal for Specific IT needs:

Users who subscribe to the idea of bimodal Information Technology should embrace some common issues. It is better not to force and create an unnecessary harmonization. There are some traditional IT processes which do not work in a public cloud hosting solution. Organizations which have more agile groups and mostly open to using a public cloud hosting and setting up a hybrid cloud, they can cater more to the IT needs.

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