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Streamline Your Business Operations With BYOD And Cloud, Securely.

Increasing use of next generation mobile devices and cloud apps by individuals in day-to-day life has completely transformed the way they interact. This has further raised their expectation to make most of these emerging technologies in their workplace as well. Moreover, by encouraging mobility in workplace businesses can reap huge productivity gains.

According to a research conducted by Gartner, BYOD strategies will radically revolutionize the economics and the culture of businesses. It is expected that by 2017 near about 50% of the employers will allow employees to bring their own device for work purposes.

Moreover, enterprises that will be supporting mobile work styles in coming future will be more agile relatively to others. However, the major concern that businesses are combating is the security of their mission critical corporate data.

Let’s have a quick glance at the key attributes of unified security provisions for BYOD and cloud apps.

Security Compliance: In case of mobile usage, critical data must be protected without installation of any software application on personally owned devices. Security provisions must function transparently within the framework without impeding employee workflow. Hence, the transfer of sensitive information to devices must be blocked. When an employee leaves the organization you just need to selectively remove corporate data without meddling with personal data. While security provisions implemented on cloud apps should allow the user to access the data seamlessly. However, data accessibility must be controlled at the point of access through stringent security provisions. This can be done via data encryption before it is uploaded to the cloud.

Data visibility and access: Data visibility and access over corporate network need to be controlled through powerful security practices. Regulatory compliance should be audited meticulously, be it user information, location, IP address and other related parameters. From data security viewpoint, ensure that your vendor makes use of industry-leading practices to instantly inhibit unscrupulous intrusion attempts.

Easy deployment: It goes without saying that adoption of cloud technology to a great extent alleviates burden of IT management and operations. Hence ensure that all the security measures implemented to secure your cloud environment must not be overly intricate to deploy in your existing IT environment.

Simple to use:  One of the most significant aspects that you shouldn’t overlook is that your employees must be well acquainted with high-quality and performance-driven consumer cloud and mobile based technologies. This will help them in efficient usage of latest technology without affecting their work productivity. Try to conduct proper training once you decide to embrace BYOD with cloud technology.

In a nutshell, usage of cloud-based applications and BYOD are two most emerging trends that are expected to stay here for long. Hence, simplify your business operations more efficiently by embracing BYOD with cloud computing.



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