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vps hosting

9 Reasons to Select VPS Hosting Provider

Choosing a hosting plan depends on the nature of applications you will run on your website or blog and the kind of traffic you expect the site to get. VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting plans are found to be perfectly suited for small or medium sized enterprises that wish to enjoy all advantages and Read more>>

disaster recovery

Reasons to Get an AWS Cross Region Disaster Recovery Plan

All businesses need a disaster recovery plan to ensure that data can be restored in times of a disaster. But when it comes to planning a strategy for Disaster Recovery, there can be no one single approach which will work for all businesses. Regardless of the numbers of variables which are actually part of creating Read more>>


Key Arguments in Favor of Colocation for Businesses

Most prudent business leaders understand the importance of signing up for colocation hosting solutions today. The truth is, whether you have a business which is growing or whether you wish to get experts to manage your servers, colocation is always the best choice for any business. While you may feel the need for colocation, your Read more>>


Choosing a virtual host: How to make a smarter choice?

Over past few decades, the technology has indeed migrated to the desktop setting. And it is now pretty clear that virtualization has a lot to offer to businesses and individual PC users alike. For SMEs, the prime factor behind leveraging this concept begins with choosing the right vendor. Let’s have a quick glance at some Read more>>

The Cloud

Streamline Your Business Operations With BYOD And Cloud, Securely.

Increasing use of next generation mobile devices and cloud apps by individuals in day-to-day life has completely transformed the way they interact. This has further raised their expectation to make most of these emerging technologies in their workplace as well. Moreover, by encouraging mobility in workplace businesses can reap huge productivity gains. According to a Read more>>


Abridge Your Cloud Costs through Internal Collaboration

Advancement in technology doesn’t come alone. It is always accompanied by several challenges that businesses encounter every now and then. And, one the most compelling challenges faced while managing the cloud outlay is information sharing. Broadly speaking, this information sharing takes place between the finance department or business users who are looking at overall cloud Read more>>


How SMBs can leverage Simplicity of Cloud ERP?

Integration of a cloud ERP system in your business can definitely result into substantial changes in your operations. You need to prudently manage this whole integration process so as to reap the real-time benefits of an ERP solution. Businesses are increasingly considering integrating a cloud-based ERP system. Cloud ERP system is typically devised to diminish Read more>>

business Email

Stay in Control With Powerful Hosted MS Exchange Email

Businesses are these days increasingly relying on emails as a primary form of communication. Be it an internal interaction with teammates or business communication with customers and partners, organizations are looking forward to have proper business email hosting platform. Undeniably, the complete correspondence, work assignments, updates and any other type of message is conveyed through Read more>>

cloud server

Optimize Your Solutions by Customizing Your Hybrid Cloud Connections

Flexibility is one the key attribute of cloud that is often applauded. Among all deployment model of cloud, hybrid cloud solutions enables organizations to design a solution that seamlessly integrates within their existing IT infra. And, help them accommodate their unique business requirements that are critical. Enterprises seeking to improve their overall IT strategies with Read more>>


Seamlessly Shuttle Workload Between Public and Private Cloud

There has been a lot of hype about hybrid cloud in recent past. According to the industry pundits, the advent of this platform of cloud has added a new paradigm to the IT industry. Typically, hybrid architecture proposes only to move certain critical business applications to the cloud. For instance, there are some vendors who Read more>>

Cloud computing

Rising Popularity Of Elastic Cloud Servers

Elastic Cloud Server is a next-gen root server that has gained new heights of popularity. More and more businesses are looking forward to embrace this server as it gives them the freedom to customize the resources according to their business requirements. Simply put, it facilitates the user with virtual server with exact amount of resources Read more>>

cloud server

Hybrid Cloud Gets A Grip On The Key Challenges Of Cloud Data Storage

Hitherto, cloud-based data storage has been popularly known for the unparalleled flexibility and capacity-on-demand benefits that it offers to the users.  However, cloud storage has also given rise to some of compelling challenges that have actually restricted its adoption to some extent. These issues basically revolve around latency as well as the security and reliability Read more>>

Data Center A Catalyst In Business Growth In India

India has witnessed a tremendous growth in the data center operations over past few years owning to increasing demand of IT services both in domestic and global market. Undeniably, the influx of IT activities and rapidly increasing Internet and wireless network usage have all aided to the cause of sudden surge in data. Thus, in Read more>>

Server Colocation

Why to Opt for Colocation Services

Colocation Services are Emerging as a Cost Effective Solution for Global Organizations. In this highly competitive world, it is imperative for businesses to implement high levels of IT technology along with reduced costs and limited resources. However, this is not possible for organizations, as it involves huge investments to be made in data centers and Read more>>


Deploy Your WordPress Sites on Cloud Platform to Reap Real Benefits

All of us are quite familiar with a widely known blogging/CMS platform which is WordPress. It is one the most commonly used platforms across the globe for website building and blogging. The main reason why WordPress is so widespread among individuals and businesses is that it facilitates them with complete customization and complete control. One Read more>>

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