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Dedicated Server Purchasing Guide

Dedicated Server Purchasing Guide – Things You Need to Know While Buying a Dedicated Server

Before you proceed towards buying a dedicated server, you should know why exactly you need a dedicated server? If you can use another hosting solution that is more suitable than dedicated hosting then prefer it. However, if you have made up your mind to get a dedicated server in India then here is a purchasing Read more>>

Dedicated Server in India

Everything You Need To Know About Dedicated Server in India

Choosing for web hosting service is one of the most important decisions that a website owner has to make. It is necessary to select the right service provider because the whole website depends on the hosting. However, there are numerous types of web hosting offered in the market. Out of all, you have to select Read more>>

How Dedicated Server Hosting can be beneficial??

Dedicated server hosting is an exclusive and luxurious type of hosting that overshadows the other types of web hosting. Many web hosting users have outgrown web hosting platforms like – VPS hosting, shared hosting, etc. This results in an imminent switch to the dedicated server in India. What exceptional values are offered by traditional web Read more>>

Dedicated Server and VPS Hosting

What is Dedicated Server and how is it different from VPS?

Every business or organization probably starts with shared hosting when they first launched their website. After all, it’s the cheapest option for starting your website and low in budget. As the business grows, it’s important to know and understand something more sustainable. There are plenty of options that businesses can go for in web hosting. Read more>>

Dedicated Server vs shared server

Dedicated Server IP Address Vs Shared Server IP Address – Understand the Difference

Many users got confused by the term Dedicated server in India IP address and the Shared IP address. Feeling lost between these two common traditional hosting?? Users might have searched on the internet and might have found different sorts of information to understand both of these terms. Most users end up confusing themselves. Digging more Read more>>

dedicated server hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting in 2021: The Only Guide you will Need

Why dedicated server hosting is crucial to expand your digital venture? You may already know that an impressive website needs a robust web hosting solution to achieve organizational goals. While there are tons of options to choose from in the hosting space, the one that stands out as the most powerful is dedicated server hosting. Read more>>

Dedicated Server Hosting vs VPS Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting vs VPS Hosting: Which one is better for your Business?

Your website has been doing fairly well, gaining traction with each passing day. Your pages are getting indexed and ranked on search engines. You are gaining new visitors, many of which are spending a significant amount of time on your site, reading your blogs, dropping inquiries on your chat window, and subscribing to your emails. Read more>>

Dedicated Server Hosting

Why Dedicated Server Hosting is all your business needs?

Websites become a mess when they grow bigger than their hosting plans. Dedicated Server Hosting is a great solution for expanding business who want to offer the best experience to their visitors. Dedicated Server Hosting is becoming one of the most sought after web-tech for businesses around the world. This technology is proving to be Read more>>

dedicated server

Is it Wise to Host a Blog on a Dedicated Server?

Bloggers don’t usually start out with a dedicated server. Blogs that now make millions were at one point a school kid’s garage project. So to cut things short, you should not buy dedicated servers right from the start. Blogs take time to fetch results A blog can take anywhere between 6 months to 2 years Read more>>

Linux Vs Window

Linux Vs Windows Dedicated Hosting Services: Which Should You Buy for WordPress?

Organizations with a developed customer database tend to acquire a website that can serve the customer with instant services, less browsing time, and enhanced loading speed with improved site navigation experience. All this can be enjoyed only if the organization is hosting its WordPress website on the robust server having worthy features to extract the Read more>>

Video Streaming

How To Setup Video Streaming on a Dedicated Server?

If you had the chance to get hands on a cheap Windows dedicated server but don’t know how to use it, you are in for a treat. There are several things that you can do on a dedicated server and video streaming is one of them. Though not known for its video streaming prowess, dedicated Read more>>


4 Ways to Cut Down On Dedicated Server Costs

We all know how expensive the dedicated servers are. The entry-level service with dedicated hosting can cost a few hundred dollars per month. This can easily shoot up to ten thousand dollars or more for bigger organizations. If you are moving or planning to move your resources to a dedicated server host, you should know Read more>>

Dedicated Servers

Combining Dedicated Servers with Other Hosting Technologies

Like every other website, you also probably started with shared hosting. Not to mention, it is the cheapest option out there and budget is the ‘deciding-factor’ at the start. Soon enough your website may outgrow the cheap shared host and demand a more versatile platform like the VPS. A VPS would work fine at the Read more>>


Dedicated Live Video and Game Streaming Server Hosting is on Boom-Get to Know Why?

Have you ever thought about how live video streaming services are managed? Live video streaming services have gained popularity lately and have been on the increasing demand. To understand this market in detail first let’s gets an idea that what are live video streaming services? What are Live Video Streaming Services? There were times when Read more>>