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How Dedicated Server Hosting can be beneficial??

Dedicated server hosting is an exclusive and luxurious type of hosting that overshadows the other types of web hosting. Many web hosting users have outgrown web hosting platforms like – VPS hosting, shared hosting, etc. This results in an imminent switch to the dedicated server in India. What exceptional values are offered by traditional web hosting? While hosting websites with heavy traffic, the use of a dedicated server cannot be avoided, irrelevant of the size of the website.

One of the prevailing reasons for migrating towards a dedicated server is that the high level of incoming web traffic creates the need for more hosting resources. A website that is receiving a high volume of web traffic will insist on more memory resources, CPU, and bandwidth. This doesn’t mean that if a company is running a single website, they don’t require dedicated server hosting. The need for dedicated server hosting cannot be neglected, irrelevant to the size of the website, number of digital properties, or model of the business.

As the businesses grow, so does the requirement. The software requires growth in a dedicated server hosting platform. It is very important to analyze what your website needs and what exact resources are offered by the individual server. Before making any decision instead of tying down a web hosting server that doesn’t fulfil your requirements.

Apart from managing the high web traffic, another reason to choose a dedicated server is the business owner’s trust. Yes, by choosing a shared server, you might get stuck, as your data is stored in a shared server. And you might face a lot of difficulties in growing and expanding your business. This is the right time to analyze your future growth and choose a dedicated server now. When the traffic of the website starts increasing, more hosting space will be required to entertain it.

Ultimately, the level of web traffic and resources that are offered by the website stand above. A dedicated server hosting package is the best and the last solution that businesses can get. Though it may be an expensive option, it’s completely worth the price you are paying.

Apart from the requirement of dedicated server hosting. And what it can offer. There are a lot of other considerations that need to be taken very carefully. There are many reasons why you choose dedicated server hosting for your business. Opting a dedicated server hosting will give organizations long time benefits Web hosting providers must ensure server security and prevent security threats along with the respective solutions. The respective solutions should ensure the security of the dedicated server, To provide insights into the security landscape that is surrounded the dedicated server functioning;

Top Most Common Data Breaches for Dedicated Server Hosting Environment: 

The denial of services attack (DoS) can have a great effect on a dedicated server hosting service. There are tons of malware that fall under security threats. The main purpose of stealing valuable information and facilitating other cyber crimes like – credit/ debit card fraud. However, one common malware is designed to create massive damage. This results in the large-scale disruption of websites that are running on the dedicated server.

The need for a dedicated server is evident that a website has a constantly growing online reputation. Growing reputation clearly shows the result of your server becoming the main target for cybercriminals to execute DoS attacks.

A denial of service attack results in the failure of the unavailability of the websites by flooding the CPU resources with the data packets. A DoS attack comprises malicious instances working together for flooding web servers with web traffic. This results in a waste of hardware resources – CPU and the wholly negative impact is built on the legitimate customers.

The first step to mitigate the DoS attack is making sure to select a dedicated server. That is deployed on the finest quality of hardware and provides sufficient useful system resources.

Follow the below-mentioned steps: –

Ensure that the web hosting provider has a firewall for blocking the malicious data before it gets to the server. Monitor the server for any signs of unexpected web traffic. DoS attacks are one of the most frequent cyber threats to server stability. The most dangerous security breaches are those that start with the server. 

Breach of security results in malware infections on the dedicated server. Since a dedicated server enables consumers to install required installations with ease which is prone to malware. Malware consists of different types of software that are coded to abduct data from the server. The term is used to refer to malware, viruses, worms, trojans, and spyware. The functionality of such applications vary but surely it includes the recording of every other action with the most critical databases.

Many times, malware can be combined with appropriate applications and scripts. Therefore, it is important to make a habit to scan the data before putting them on the webserver.

Consider these steps before putting your money on the dedicated server:

Search for a web hosting provider that offers ongoing vulnerability scanning tools or real-time monitoring tools. Always select a web hosting provider that offers complete security with abundant web hosting resources and good security. 

The web security provider should also check the website regularly and also check for unusual and irregular advertisements. Consider testing all the software applications with a secured and isolated home device before uploading it to the website. Never ignore the risk of a dedicated server hosting password breach.

Nowadays, cybercriminals have become very smart and sophisticated. They always create the backup of the advanced tools and the technology for disrupting and destroying data and also the online reputation as well. Many cyber criminals get into the dedicated server account with the help of vulnerability and tools.

Still, many dedicated servers do not use strong passwords. As a result, hackers easily obtain passwords with and without the help of software. 

Ideally, there are two elements to a good password.

Don’t use the words, terms, or phrases that can be easily found in a dictionary. Neve uses words that can be easily guessed. It’s preferable to create a random combination of upper case and lower case characters and numbers, special characters. This makes it extremely difficult for a cybercriminal to get a password. Consider changing the password regularly. Do not use the same password for a long time. A good practice is to change passwords every two weeks and always a new combination of the characters, numbers, and special characters.

Consider using different types of passwords for every element of the dedicated server. Select one password for email access, another for the Control Panel/ Cpanel. Different passwords for the FTP account and so on. Thereby, it ensures cybercriminals will not gain complete access even in the case of any kind of password breach.

For a better security practice, consider using a passphrase, Passphrase consists of long sentences with different words, characters, numbers, and special characters. Passphrases are generally considered to belong in numbers. It is considered to be more secure and longer. It’s an encryption key that is memorized by the user. It is very similar to the password. Many cyber security experts recommend using a passphrase. The main key to the best passphrase is randomness. The best way to remember the passphrase is to create a strong story that links all the characters together. The story should be simple for you and difficult to guess.

Whenever possible, log in through a secure SSL connection. Check the web address and the web page content of the web page. Make sure that it does not contain any phishing content. Do not access the hosting control panel via a link in an email. Preferably, enter the web address manually.


Above are the common points that we have mentioned in this blog on the dedicated server hosting packages. It is important to dedicate server benefits and security concerns. And all the security tips that can be used to secure a dedicated server. 

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