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5 Reasons to Invest in a Fully Managed Dedicated Server

Businesses that need enhanced reliability, security, and resources may want to have their own server. They do not want to share their server with other businesses. A dedicated server offers powerful features such as enhanced resources. However, businesses may find it an added effort and expenditure to maintain servers on their premises. Therefore, they look for a fully managed dedicated server.

A dedicated server offers the entire resources available with a server. This means a dedicated IP address, plenty of bandwidth and disk space. Businesses hire a server from a service provider, instead of buying their own server. Or, they could choose to buy their own server, but host it at the space they rent at the service provider. The service provider, who specializes in managing servers and offering hosting services, gets the contract to manage the client server. Therefore, businesses do not have to worry about aspects such as space, security, maintenance and so on.

There are many benefits to this arrangement. The major benefit being that you do not have to rely third party servers. This means there is plenty of control in the hands of the business owners or administrators. They can use all the resources on the server, which can be considerable. They can choose to use as much bandwidth as needed. Whether you have a single high traffic website or multiple websites, a dedicated server will be able to offer all the resources needed.

Add applications
Hosting services generally place restrictions on the use of applications on websites and control panels, based on numbers, type, and so on. A business with their own server is free from these restrictions since their server or plan does not belong to a third party. As such, businesses have more freedom to add certain types of applications, to improve processes and functionality. A dedicated server allows for businesses to quickly add applications as well. There is no need to request service providers, wait for their decision, before applications can be installed. As such, using a dedicated server also speeds up the maintenance and installation processes.

No downtime
There is no time lost, either in implementing decisions or maintenance. If the business needs more bandwidth on short notice, they do not have to contact the service provider to get them more bandwidth or switch to a new hosting plan. Instead, they can simply allocate more resources from their server, to their websites. Also, the business can choose to conduct maintenance as and when needed. Thus, problems can be quickly fixed.

Most businesses that use dedicated servers do so with an eye on safety. If your server is controlled by another party, you will always be watching out for unauthorized access. If a business has its own server, there is no need to worry about safety. Safety is guaranteed if you are hosting the server on your own premises. Should you not be able to make adequate arrangements for safely keeping the server on your premises, you can rent rack space at a web hosting company. However, you have full control over who can access your server. Many businesses may choose the added protection of a cage, to ensure that only known people are allowed access to the server. Also, a dedicated server allows businesses more leeway in terms of what type of antimalware or firewalls they will use, and which security measures they want to use. So, you might want to ensure that the server does not connect with particular websites, and that the technical team is able to install security software whenever needed.

Reasonable cost
Dedicated hosting plans may be among the more expensive plans for small businesses. However, over the long term, a dedicated server might be well worth the expenditure. It offers more reliability, resources, and security. It allows businesses to install software for smoother and safer operations. Many dedicated servers may offer pre installed applications, which can help the business save money.

Dedicated IP address
One of the major benefits of using a dedicated server is that the IP address is uniquely yours. Your business does not share the address with other businesses or people. This goes a long way in establishing your business reputation. In particular, if you are worried about a competitor or a disreputable website sharing your IP address, then a dedicated server might help with your concerns. Also, this protects against spam that may originate from another site on your shared server, but may result in the entire server being blocked, thus shutting down your business operations. A server entirely your own also makes it more difficult for malware to find your server.

With so much on offer, it is natural that businesses with large resource requirements are switching to dedicated servers for their website hosting needs.

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