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Guidelines on Choosing the Right VPS Plan for You

When you have made up your mind to make the switch from shared hosting plans to VPS hosting plans, the next obvious step is to decide on the kind of VPS hosting solutions you should sign up for. To understand which VPS plan may be best for your business there are some important factors that you must analyze and there is a lot of research that you need to do on multiple VPS providers. This is because not all providers are going to be equal and neither will the pans be identical.

VPS is expected to be the best possible means for moving from shared hosting to dedicated hosting plans. Before you take the plunge into dedicated hosting, it may be a good idea to sign up for VPS to test the waters first. In VPS hosting, there will be many websites sharing the same server but they will each have dedicated resources which allows them to cater to their clients’ needs better than shared hosting plans. The higher reliability, scalability and flexibility which you can get with VPS hosting plans are what make it a costlier option.

The truth is client enterprises, big or small, can benefit from VPS hosting plans. Therefore, when you need a VPS plan, you have to first consider the size of your site and its requirements. When you own a smaller website but you plan to host images and stream media on it, then you are going to need sufficient RAM to support these features. However, when you own a larger company website but which offers mostly text-based content, the demand for too many features like additional RAM or bandwidth may not be there for the site to work optimally.

  • One of the factors which you must look at is of course the uptime. Uptime is nothing but how long your website can stay up and running. When you have shared plans, you can experience low uptime rates because resources have to be shared with many other users. This is exactly why you feel the need to move onto VPS hosting. So, your job is to identify a web hosting provider which has a solid and verifiable track record of high uptimes. You can consult third party sites which review uptimes of different hosts over a period of time.
  • Another key factor which you must consider is the site performance. So, when you start a site for generating revenues, it is essential to ensure that you sign up with a host which can guarantee enhanced site performance. For instance, the speed of CPU power and amount of server space are important factors which can affect the performance of any website.
  • When you buy a hosting plan it is important for it to offer you customizability so that you can tweak the package to suit your needs. For instance, you may feel the need to introduce user-friendly features or improve the bandwidth or memory to cater to customer requests.
  • Finally, you must consider prices offered by different providers before you decide on a VPS plan. You must also read through the terms in their SLAs to be sure you do not end up paying more for features you did not request for.
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What are the different VPS hosting options?

  • When you choose partly managed VPS hosting plans you can some amount of control over the servers but the main responsibilities of server administration stay with the host. When you choose fully-managed VPS Hosting plans instead, the host will be completely responsible for all tasks of server management and monitoring. The host will carry out routine maintenance of the servers, and offer clients technical supports to make sure the site runs smoothly.
  • Before you start shopping for a web host for VPS solutions, you have to decide which features you want the plans to have. For instance, if you are keen to run an online business you have to look at hosts which can offer you ample storage space and bandwidth. You must also look at upgrading options because there may be unprecedented growth and you may need to get additional hosting features right away.
  • When you decide to take up full responsibility for the server you should get a host which offers many management controls or applications. Most web hosts will offer free hardware installations and security features. But, your job is to get a host that will allow you to increase these features at affordable costs.

So, to sum up, finding the right VPS plans is usually a decision which you can come to when you have understood which stage of growth your business is in. when your business expects rapid expansions you must immediately move away from shared plans to choose best VPS hosting plans that give many performance-enhancement features. Those businesses which are in the early stages of development can benefit from shared hosting plans. Your aim is to ensure that your site performance should not suffer at any cost because of a wrong choice of plans.

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