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World of Linux Dedicated Server

“Dedicated, Dedicated, Dedicated”-an old word that is going to die soon in the Hosting Industry with the emergence of Cloud.

Till that time, I want to help readers to have better understanding of different types of Dedicated Servers Hosting.

Well Dedicated Server is nothing but the box which is dedicated to some customer. With Dedicated Server you can plan whole host of play, which may include using Windows OS, Linux operating systems such as  Ubuntu, centos, Redhat, and many other flavors of operating system.

So, just to make people understand Linux Dedicated Server is nothing but Linux OS loaded on Dedicated Server. The more interesting thing over here is that what you can get with Linux Dedicated Server? Better don’t ask this question as there is a whole host of millions of open source application available, which can run on server. Why to pay for software when you get excellent free open source applications that works well with your server.

Just for beginners I would like state few benefits of Linux Dedicated Hosting:

Low cost: No concerns for payment of operating system except for the versions of Redhat, Ubuntu, etc. I suggest going for free ones only

Stability: Expect better stability compared to counterpart and expected uptime is much higher.

Performance: No one can beat Linux on performance front. Even Microsoft runs some of its processes on Linux. It has a large number of users with huge data retrieval.

Faster and Easier to manage: Linux distributions these days are more user friendly and installation is less complex with next buttons that we are familiar with in Windows.

Security: The most important is security, which you get with its firewall and variety of options in customizing.

Having said all this for hosting environment you can simply choose OS of your choice and opt for cPanel and its add-ons which can get you what you may never get with Windows.

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