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When Should You Move to a Dedicated server, VPS or a Cloud Server?

When you want your business to enjoy an online presence you must choose a reputed and reliable web hosting service provider. You will also need to decide on the type of web hosting for your site depending on your budget and requirements. For companies which are start-ups and do not have enough funds to afford dedicated hosting, shared hosting plans are ideal to start with. But for larger businesses and e-commerce websites that are likely to get a lot of traffic, dedicated hosting is preferable. However, the right time to move onto a dedicated hosting plan from shared hosting or VPS hosting depends on a multitude of factors.

When it is a good time to switch to dedicated server hosting?

The correct time to switch to dedicated server hosting is hard to identify; usually, when your shared server fails to provide you with the kind of resources you need or your site starts to malfunction, you start looking for suitable alternatives for your business. You can make use of the following pointers to understand whether it is the right time to change to dedicated hosting:


  • If you find that in spite of paying premium rates for shared hosting plans, you are unable to handle large volumes of traffic, then maybe it is time to consider dedicated hosting plans. When you own a static site which is primarily text-rich, the number of visitors to the site will not influence the site’s functioning significantly; but if the site is rich in graphics or Flash and multimedia applications, the traffic is crucial to the site’s performance.
  • The site may face downtime even when traffic is low; this means that the resources are being used up by other sites on the same shared server.
  • When you find that other sites on the shared server hosting are getting hacked, the chances of your website getting hacked too increase.
  • You may need to move to a dedicated server hosting when you need more RAM and a faster CPU. This kind of hosting offers more scalability for your website and when your site has many web pages, it is always more economical to opt for dedicated hosting.

When should you move to VPS hosting?

In VPS hosting, you can enjoy the features of a dedicated server while being on the same physical server with other users. In VPS server hosting, an entire server is partitioned to create multiple virtual servers, each functioning independent of the others.


  • When you do not want to worry about server maintenance, it is better to choose VPS hosting because here the host takes care of server management and maintenance issues.
  • When you do not have enough funds to afford dedicated hosting plans but your business cannot function with the limited resources offered by shared hosting, VPS hosting is a good option.
  • When your web pages are taking a lot of time to load and keeping visitors waiting, it is better to opt for virtual servers which will guarantee a better up-time and more reliability compared to shared server hosting plans.
  • When you find that the operations and traffic in other sites on a shared server are affecting the performance and security of your site, you should consider switching to VPS hosting.
  • When you need more flexibility to choose your OS and require more space and RAM, the VPS server is a viable alternative.

When should you move to a cloud server?


  • Digital economy demands unfettered Internet connectivity and employees must be able to access data all the time, no matter where they are.
  • When you do not need to be in complete control over resources and are open to letting others take over your email management and data management, you should consider opting for cloud hosting.
  • Cloud server hosting is also preferable for websites which are keen to get a high up-time and want hosting packages with constantly-evolving updated and innovative features from the cloud server hosting providers.
  • When you are not comfortable keeping your valuable data on external hard drives or USB drives, you should switch to the cloud. This way the data is secure in a remote location and protected against natural calamities and external threats. For businesses which wish to eliminate the threats of damage to their sensitive data stored in a physical server, cloud hosting is the most secure alternative. You do not have to worry about server crashes and you can focus on core competencies of the business instead.

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