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What Time Is Right To Upgrade For Dedicated Server Hosting?

There are times when businesses may need more than what shared hosting can offer them because they outgrow resource limitations in a shared hosting environment. These are times when you must realize that you need to upgrade to dedicated server hosting. Shared hosting is perfect for smaller businesses and sites which do not expect too much traffic or are essentially text-rich sites.

Shared hosting offers limited bandwidth and disk space but you can ensure that your site enjoys an online presence without you having to spend a fortune on hosting it. But shared hosting is best for start-ups; when the business begins to expand and receives more traffic, it needs more resources which only dedicated hosting can offer.

This means that even small sites may need to switch to dedicated hosting eventually when traffic increases. So, it helps to know how to identify the conditions which necessitate a dedicated server.


What time is right to switch to dedicated server hosting?

You know that it is time to upgrade to dedicated server hosting when you need the following features:

  • Greater control over the server because this is something which a dedicated hosting plan will provide. In dedicated hosting, you will not be sharing the resources like bandwidth or disk space with other users since the server is dedicated completely for your exclusive use. You will not need to worry about your site crashing or slowing down because of other websites.
  • Greater customizability so that you configure the settings of the server to suit your convenience. With dedicated hosting, you can make all necessary changes to the server or install programs on your own.
  • Greater security because you want to protect your website from hackers and malware which can threaten your flourishing business.
  • Managed hosting to ensure that there are professional IT staffs to take care of all technical issues.
  • More reliability because you must increase your up-time to serve the customers better.
  • Additional space because you have received larger projects which will demand greater storage space.

These are some situations that make the switch to dedicated hosting imperative. When you have decided to upgrade to a dedicated server, you should also decide whether you want managed dedicated hosting, semi-managed hosting, or unmanaged dedicated hosting. In the fully managed dedicated hosting, the host takes care of software installations and upgrades and server management. In semi-managed type, the host provides a medium management service but you have to hire IT experts to manage the server. In unmanaged hosting, your IT personnel will have to handle server maintenance and management because the host will not provide tech support.

Since dedicated server hosting is single handed and does not share any storage space or utilities with other clients, it provides better security than any other hosting solutions available in the market. One of the most popular and useful features of dedicated hosting servers is that they can be easily managed from remote sites. This is the reason for so much popularity of dedicated hosting solutions.

These factors make the hosting solution friendly for companies because big organizations have branches in many cities or country. Therefore, they need easy operations with security regarding access to services and resources. Dedicated server hosting can be easily configured or managed from anywhere which makes them a perfect solution for companies who need to increase their online presence with control and security.

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    Good post! When you have a large eCommerce website to operate, the first need is a dedicated server hosting plan for a smooth business operation!


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