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dedicated server hosting

Dedicated Server: A Complete Guide For Better Understanding

To serve the needs of every business, Go4hosting unbeatably provides excellent server hosting options, that include cloud solutions, Colocation, and Dedicated servers. Probably, like many other organizations, you also go for cloud computing for launching your first web application, database, or mail server. After all, cloud computing services seem flexible and convenient. But other than Read more>>


What is virtualization and how does it work?

Virtualization refers to the process of creating virtual computers on top of a single physical computer. These virtual computers are known as virtual machines. Virtual machines use the hardware of the physical computer, but they do have their own operating systems. Each virtual machine functions as an independent computer. Virtualization allows the organizations to utilize Read more>>

Between Dedicated Server in India And USA

Is There Any Difference Between Dedicated Server in India And USA

One of the most common questions that every beginner to web hosting asks is what is the difference between a dedicated server in India and a dedicated server in the USA. When it comes to web hosting, we usually look for the location of the data center. It is believed that the closest server is Read more>>

Dedicated Server in India – The Only Guide You Need in 2022

Rapid digitization has made everything accessible over the internet. Businesses need plenty of resources to grow and expand especially in the Indian market. Growing your business website is not easy due to heavy competition and lack of resources. Also, to beat your competitors, you need a better business strategy and a reliable hosting solution. Creating Read more>>

Online Business

Hosting your business online – Easy Guide for beginners

Introduction Web hosting is the activity or service of providing storage space to individuals or organizations, for the websites that are accessible via World Wide Web. You might have heard different terms used to describe the process, such as: web hosting, website hosting, site hosting, blog hosting, self-hosting etc. They all mean the same thing. Read more>>


Start Co-locating Your Servers with Go4hosting

Businesses, at least once in their lifetime, face the dilemma of whether to collocate or to lease a dedicated server. Depending on the size of your requirement and the amount of control you are seeking, either solution can be the right fit for you. It is therefore essential to first know what you want from Read more>>

Google Cloud Server

How to Host a Website on Google Cloud Server?

Creating a website to begin with any business is mandatory in times of digitalization. And to start the same, one needs to have a unique domain name representing the area of business with the desired extension. Once, you are done with getting the domain name from a reliable source, you should choose the hosting platform Read more>>

WordPress Hosting

How to choose a WordPress Theme that is both Fast & Appealing

What I am going to say is likely to sound crazy but is completely true: WordPress themes affect your website’s SEO. A theme may not make or break your SEO but it does have some weight nonetheless. Search engines don’t directly judge you on the basis of themes but on the technical and aesthetic aspect Read more>>


How to Transfer Files from One Cloud Storage to Another

There could be a number of reasons you would want to move your files from one cloud to another. People mostly move files to new hosts when their cloud storage is full. While freeing up space on your cloud is one of the potential solutions, most people have no idea how to delete cloud storage. Read more>>

reseller hosting

Essential Tips for Those Starting a Reseller Hosting Business Online

Setting up an online business is not an easy game, let alone setting up a reseller business. When you decide to resell hosting from other data center providers, you are likely to come across a number of challenges. While most hosts will help you tackle these things, you will have unprecedented encounters that are bound Read more>>

VPS Hosting Server

4 Things Your VPS Could Do Besides Hosting Websites

A VPS – virtual private server – is powerful. More powerful than you think. Even though the service isn’t near anywhere as robust as dedicated hosting, it is powerful enough to host multiple sites at once and perform several other functions. If you have been utilizing your VPS hosting account only to host websites, this Read more>>

Dedicated Servers

Combining Dedicated Servers with Other Hosting Technologies

Like every other website, you also probably started with shared hosting. Not to mention, it is the cheapest option out there and budget is the ‘deciding-factor’ at the start. Soon enough your website may outgrow the cheap shared host and demand a more versatile platform like the VPS. A VPS would work fine at the Read more>>

Cloud computing

Cluster Computing with Kubernetes is the New Design for Cloud Computing

Clustering is always beneficial for all kinds of workloads. Spreading the loads over multiple systems or to be precise multiple CPUs is the main aim behind clustering. The best part about a cluster is that any point of time nodes can be added to the parent node and this is termed as scaling. A cluster Read more>>


IOCL Leveraging Emerging Technologies to Reinforce DBT Implementation

Indian Oil Corporation Limited is a behemoth in the PSU sector. Its size of operations can be understood by few of the mind boggling figures such as its vast network more than 4000 LPG plants and terminals of 9500 km of pipelines.  IOCL Leveraging serves 200 million consumers through a countrywide network of dealers and bulk Read more>>

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