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Tier-3 Data Centers

Tier-3 Data Centers – The Right Choice for Businesses in India

That box right there is a data center, believe it or not. People say it’s Tier I, we’d call it just “box” because that is what it is. It has no backup power and no cooling system. Its only source of power is the switch next to it (not visible here). Its cooling system is Read more>>

Data Centers in India

6 Key Challenges Faced by Data Centers in India

The data center industry in India is booming. According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the Indian data center market is estimated to reach USD 1.5 billion by 2022 from USD 1.0 billion in 2018, growing at a rate of 11.4% during the period. The mushrooming of data centers in India can be attributed to the Read more>>

Role of Indian Government in Securing Data Centers in India (Digital )

Among all emerging IT markets of the world, India is one of the top ranking countries with an extremely favorable environment for investments related to IT industry. There are multiple factors that qualify India to be a favored IT destination including positive demography, encouraging policies of government, and sound managerial capabilities among others. No wonder, Read more>>


Bright Future of Data Centers in India

In the sprint to meet surging demands of organizations, data centers are making all possible vicissitudes in their architecture and delivery systems to add value proposition including data and capacity planning, and connectivity management. According to Gartner – inflating competition, cloud hosting provider dominance, nationalism and economic welfare are a few disruptive factors that will Read more>>

Data Centers

Avail Mission-critical Systems at Indian Data Centers

Data centers in general are centralized repositories. They handle the storage, management and dissemination of critical information. This organisational set-up might pertain to a particular business or to a generic body of knowledge. Generally data centers in India are synonymous with NOC or network operations centers. Such restricted access areas comprise of restricted access areas Read more>>

Data Centers in India

A Detailed Insight into Indian Data Center Market

Emergence of Data Centers in India Businesses nowadays are largely dependent on information technology for process standardization and processes automation, generating an ever evolving need of resources to maintain these processes. This is pushing CAPEX to a great extent, putting high cost pressures on the organizations. Amidst such a scenario, data centers emerge as a Read more>>


Are your Emails Secured on The Cloud

Emails are the widely used communication medium, preferred by SOHO, SME’s, large enterprises, and individuals for personal and professional interplay. I have found many of us struggling for an answer to the question “is cloud safe for emails”, in a scenario where breach of security has unfortunately become pervasive. Hereby, I have tried to cover Read more>>