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Are your Emails Secured on The Cloud

Emails are the widely used communication medium, preferred by SOHO, SME’s, large enterprises, and individuals for personal and professional interplay. I have found many of us struggling for an answer to the question “is cloud safe for emails”, in a scenario where breach of security has unfortunately become pervasive. Hereby, I have tried to cover pointers that will unravel the mystery of “Cloud Computing” with supporting revelations.

Recently, we were informed that Yahoo’s email addresses and passwords were stolen; this email security breach is an alarming bell for many others in the industry. Demand for remarkably strong security protocols that can fend-off unwarranted risks – is to switch from on-premise email system to cloud based, know how?

  • Safe and Secured Network: All the spamming attacks, malicious application intrusion, such as virus, adware, and spyware are monitored and blocked before they intrude your privacy. With the help of a cloud spam filtering feature, now businesses can prevent DoS attacks, and can restrict SMTP traffic. Cloud based spam filtering can be incorporated with utmost ease.
  • Remote Storage: You might have come across various scenarios, where data is copied using the USB’s or through different sources from the clients systems out of prejudice, or for one’s own sake. When your data is on “Cloud” unwanted or unethical access comes to a halt.
  • Disaster Recovery: Security of your email system is the primary goal of a recommended email archiving provider. A recommended provider protects your emails from an unpredictable disaster or server problem. The data retrieval is fast and secured, and is redundantly stored in multiple secured data centers.
  • Encryption: Data is encrypted while in transit so that your data flow remains completely secured. Even if anyone has got the access to your confidential data (which is a hypothetical situation), decryption is required (that is not possible). It combines best-of-breed technologies to provide the most sophisticated email protection.
  • Unlimited Storage and Expert Support: In cloud based email services, you get unlimited space for your data storage. Moreover, experts are available to guide, help and resolve the issues, if any.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Business can access their emails, respond, and share messages, even when an on-site network or mail server gets failed through the control panel. That means, even if your mail server fails, data is secured over the cloud, and you can access it anytime, anywhere. CLOUD facilitates users with – anytime, anywhere access.
  • Monitoring: Using cloud archiving services helps in monitoring business emails to ensure that all of them comply with internal policies and government regulations.

If the businesses want to keep abreast of technological development, moving to the cloud secured email systems is the unflagging way to go.

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