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How is Linux Dedicated Server a Better Option?

Settling down with a decision to host websites on a dedicated server is analogous to 'booking a room in a hotel', however the final step of deciding "what services you expect from the hotelier" is "which operating system you desire to run in contemplation of business stability and growth". Indeed, making decision to which operating system you must entrust – demands fortitude and astute analysis.

Linux and Windows are the two most sought operating systems used to suffice various computing needs of professionals and individuals. Hereby, I will be confabulating, the perks of hosting websites on a Linux Dedicated Server.

Titanic was one of the major films produced on Linux servers, in the year1997’s- a best example to fathom the popularity and reliability of Linux. Moreover, various hyped film studios, like Dream Works Animation, Industrial Light and Magic, and Weta Digital works on Linux.

Linux OS and Its Various Mainstream Distributions

From embedded systems to supercomputers, Linux operating systems are incessantly used everywhere. Linux systems have Unix-like OS. As per the Wikipedia Information, more than 95% of the world's 500 fastest supercomputers run some variant of Linux, including all the 44 fastest. Some of the mainstream Linux distributions are Debian (Ubuntu, and Linux Mint), Mandriva, openSUSE, Arch Linux, Fedora (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and CentOS).

Various attributes that Linux OS offer to Its Users

  –  Cost: Linux kernel and its various variants are free and open source software. One need not spend extra time and capital to get the licenses as they can be simply availed with GNU General Public License.

  –  Security: Linux operating systems are designed and managed to stay secure in the realm of various malicious applications, such as viruses, spyware and adware, and so on.

  –  Right to Choose: Availability of umpteen Linux distributions gives you a right to choose the best fit for your business. Apart from this, it handovers complete control of the OS to its user. You can change look and feel of your desktop, and the kernel.

  –  Reliability: Linux variants are considered appreciably reliable than most of the desktop-oriented OS. Chances for slow performance due to memory leaks and other factors is notably low, and you need not to reboot it periodically as they can run for several days.

  –  Inevitably Flexible: Linux allows you to save your hard disk space by letting you install only the required components. For example, if you only require some selected office applications and not the whole suite, you can download what is required. Linux can perform the requisite tasks, such as network backups expeditiously. Also, it provides efficient performance on workstations and networks, and even when the hard disk is almost full.

  –  Multitasking: Linux OS are designed by the programmers in a way that it can perform multiple tasks without slowing down your system’s speed. Moreover, it can run on almost all the UNIX software packages.

  –  Free Software: Linux offers several software programs, games, and other utilities at no or at low cost, such as Gimp, Star Office, Open Office, and so on.

  –  Easy Customization: Most of the Linux variants are open source; hence it allows customizing the source code as per your requirements. You are free to fix and even patch the code, when required. But for that, one needs to have knowledge of the programming language.

These were few of the factors that made Linux the preferred choice. The perfect combination of quality Linux OS and reliable dedicated server India will let your business flourish. Now, you can easily figure out, why to choose Linux operating system to run on your dedicated server?

Now it’s the time to wrap up my discussion here only, with a promise that will be back with next informative blog.

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