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Seven Cloud-Based Apps that You Will Love to Explore

2014, is accorded as the year of the “CLOUD”. The so hyped technology is swiftly saturating, lurking in the corners of many companies that want to slash down IT costs, and be emancipated from traditional computing solutions. Using a cloud based service, shifts your load of computing (from your PC or Desktop) to the remote server, and cuts-off the cost of buying the software licenses. According to Gartner’s 2014 market forecast, the global market for apps services is $210 billion in 2014.

Below are few of the cloud based companies that will help you manage your business with unstoppable performance:

  –  Basecamp: Basecamp is project management and collaboration software used for third-party planning, time tracking, billing, reporting, and invoicing applications.

  –  Salesforce: Salesforce is a suite of applications, which includes Sales Cloud, Chatter, Jigsaw, Service Cloud,,, Heroku, and Remedyforce. It helps managing sales and capturing leads for your website. Used by various top-notch companies, like: Bajaj Finance, Su-Kam, etc.

  –  Google Apps: Google Apps include: mails, docs, and messaging tools. You can use Google's App Marketplace to choose web-based software that can efficiently manage your accounting, document management, CRM and backup/restore.

  –  PBworks: PBworks is a content management and sharing tool, suitable for both professional and personal use. It’s an ultimate tool for collaborating and collating data from different sources.

  –  Novatium: It’s a China based company that provides Software as a Service, Desktop as a Service, and a highly secured computing environment.

  –  TWiki: It is an open-source and flexible Wiki tool used for document management, collaboration, and creating as well as using knowledgebase. This tool is used in various business verticals, such as travel agencies, IT companies, telecommunication providers, and so on.

  –  Comindworks: It is used to assign tasks, track projects, maintain to-do-list, create and share Wiki style info, and to create workflows.

  –  Databagg: It is an online cloud storage app, which allows user to share, create, and work on documents from anywhere at any point of time. Videos, documents, pics, etc. spread across your desktop, tables, laptops, and smart phones can be replicated across all the internet ready devices. Halts data loss possibilities, and makes sharing a breeze.

It’s the time to embrace your business with supreme cloud based applications.

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