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Avail Mission-critical Systems at Indian Data Centers

Data centers in general are centralized repositories. They handle the storage, management and dissemination of critical information. This organisational set-up might pertain to a particular business or to a generic body of knowledge.

Generally data centers in India are synonymous with NOC or network operations centers. Such restricted access areas comprise of restricted access areas with automated systems which have mission-critical systems. These constantly monitor network performance along with web traffic and server activity.

Here is a brief discussion about the high-end systems used in data center services from India.

  • From the connectivity point of view, which is the backbone of a data center, special care is undertaken. The systems are carrier neutral with domestic peering capabilities to major telecommunications carriers.
  • Security wise, Indian data centers are empowered by CCTV surveillances cameras. Besides, they employ 24/7 8 – zone security personnel who strictly watch over people accessing the buildings. Additionally, without photo identity cards and biometric authentication, floor access is banned.
  • Data centers mandate SLAs or service level agreements. This tool ensures the maintenance of quality of service. Only then power service is guaranteed and other factors like temperature stability and network uptime are upheld.
  • Such data centers render scalability for years at a stretch because they are trustworthy internet exchange platforms (IXP).
  • There are captive power plants. These data centers come with a primary backup solution for critical components like power, fire suppression and HVAC. Additionally, they have a secondary backup solution. (Viz. the power feed comes from conditioned UPS electricity). Sometimes, there is a redundant feed from an independent substation alongside several backup generators on-premise. They also have thousands of gallons of reserve diesel fuel on site to cater to worst case scenarios.
  • Ideally, Indian data center cooling systems feature welded, bidirectional piping. This is to enable redundancy and maintenance.
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From the above facts, it is evident that network operation centers employ several mission-critical systems. These ensure that the network performance stays afloat. Only then web traffic is managed services easily and server activity gets handled efficiently.

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