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Top 9 Benefits of AWS Managed Services for your Business

In this digital age, businesses constantly seek technological solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity and trim down operational expenses. Over the past decade or so, cloud hosting services have emerged as a magic bullet for these businesses.

As enterprises are transitioning to the cloud, many of them are opting for cloud managed services offered by technology behemoths like AWS.

According to a report by Markets and Markets, the cloud managed services market is expected to grow at a rate of 14.6% to reach $53.78 billion by 2022.

So, how can you benefit by choosing AWS managed services for your business?

Let us deep dive and find out.

  1. Cost Savings – By outsourcing cloud services to an AWS consulting partner like us, you can bring down operational expenses both directly and indirectly. By delegating the non-core functions to an AWS consulting partner, you not only do away with the expense of hiring additional IT staff but also get indirect cost benefits in the form of increased network uptime, better network performance and enhanced security and performance.
  2. Proactive Infrastructure Management – To get the most out of AWS, you need professionals who are well-versed in managing AWS. Services such as system configuration, security management, access control, resource optimization, automation and disaster recovery are some of the areas AWS consulting partners are adept at. By choosing cloud managed services, you access the expertise of people who are trained and certified in all the disciplines of cloud management.
  3. Scalability and Flexibility – As your business grows, you will be required to meet market demand by adding computing resources from time to time. Scaling up instantly as the demand surges and scaling down as the demand slackens are vital to growing your business seamlessly. AWS managed services are scalable and flexible enough to meet the fluctuating demands of your business allowing you to be more productive in running operations.
  4. Cloud Operations Management – Besides infrastructure, cloud services involve the management of people and processes. You need to establish roles and responsibilities clearly in order to make things work without hassle. AWS consulting partners like Go4hosting train your staff on their roles in managing the cloud and also define processes that support critical functions.
  5. Disaster Management – AWS managed services allow your data, applications and services to be stored across redundant data centers in different locations across the world. With secure cloud storage, your data remains safeguarded from all kinds of natural disasters, security breaches and other unsolicited intrusions. So, if any disaster strikes, you can continue your operations with minimum downtime.
    Cloud managed services benefit from the high availability of computing infrastructure and load balancing among servers in multiple locations.
  6. Automatic Upgrades – In an AWS managed service, the service provider remains in charge of maintenance and upgrades related to your server. On the other hand, in case of a traditional on-premises server, the business owner needs to spend significant time and money on security and maintenance to keep the infrastructure up and running.
  7. Centralized Network Access – In an AWS managed service, the email service providers handle all the servers, applications and data within the cloud network. Remote users can access the centralized data present in the network using virtual services. This enhances collaboration across users in different locations and boosts your business.
  8. Security and Compliance – Businesses that rely on traditional servers may face the risk of losing data stored in physical computers. With secure cloud storage, all such risks are done away with.
    Besides, AWS consulting partners are familiar with the compliance standards that apply to your industry. They monitor and scan your network from time to time to ensure compliance with security standards and thus allow the solutions to function at optimal levels.
  9. Better Response Time – With AWS managed services, you are assured of better response time. Most of the AWS partners respond to, access and repair any network issue almost instantly. This allows you to run business operations without any major interruption.
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Wrapping it up

AWS managed services offer a wide array of benefits to let you run your operations in the best possible manner. Their flexible pricing structure helps you trim down IT expenses. You can scale immediately on demand, keep your information safeguarded from all kinds of threats and get your issues resolved almost instantaneously. In addition to this, you can ensure compliance with security standards, and most importantly, access the expertise of professionals trained in all aspects of cloud management.

Looking for AWS managed services for your business? We are there to help. At Go4hosting, we offer cloud server demo trial to let you avail free cloud hosting services. In case you need some specific assistance, you can get in touch with our cloud experts at our toll-free number 1800 212 2022.

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