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Reasons to use the Amazon S3 for Hosting Images

When you find that your website has many images and videos it may be a good idea to keep these on dedicated servers. However, storing these on servers is not enough; you need to ensure that they are absolutely secured and even backed up. Besides, these should also be accessible even if there is high traffic load on the site. But, the problem is, that the server which must process so many user requests for the images finds it hard to cope with the demands when they increase. This is why using Amazon Simple Storage Service or Amazon S3 makes sense. It offers developers with secure space-saving object storage facilities.

What makes the Amazon S3 better for hosting your images and videos?

  • When you use Amazon S3, you will realize that it comes with a rather simple web interface. You can use it for storing and retrieving data at all times from the Internet or from Amazon EC2. You will simply need to select the region in which you want the data stored. With Amazon S3, you do not to be able to predict your future storage needs. You are free to store as much volume of data as you need to and you can even access it at your convenience.
  • When you are choosing cloud storage for images or data, you do not want to keep worrying about the data getting lost or misplaced. Amazon S3 relieves you of such worries because it makes copies of the object in multiple devices across various regions. You can therefore, preserve, retrieve any version of every stored object in the Amazon S3 bucket. In case any item is deleted by mistake or accidentally, you will be able to retrieve it easily.

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  • When you sign up for Amazon S3 you will only be required to pay for the storage and there is no minimum fees or installation costs. So, for data which you may not need to access frequently, Amazon S3 helps you to save costs with its configurable policies which will let you archive these in the Amazon AWS Glacier. This is a low-priced storage archiving service offered by Amazon.
  • It is very important to ensure that data stored in the cloud hosting server is secure against unauthorized access. With Amazon S3, you can expect to enjoy greater flexibility or control over who gets to view you data. You may use the Identity and Access Management or IAM, access controls and management policies and String authentication. With S3, you can also upload or download data securely with SSL encryptions and there are also many options for data encryption when data is at rest.
  • When you store your images on the Amazon S3, you can be sure of 99.9% availability for data protection. Your data is duly safeguarded against network problems and power outages as also hardware crashes. Servers may experience downtimes and sites may become unavailable at times but with Amazon, there are replicas of the servers and these will cover for you whenever there are downtimes.
  • Amazon S3 also offers you multiple options for data migrations in the cloud. This is cost-effective and easy when it comes to transferring large volumes of data. If you must transfer data while you host your server, it can be time consuming and very expensive. You will need to buy another storage device for the data. But, with Amazon S3, you get to choose a physical disk. You can then import or export data to it.
  • Amazon S3 is preferred because it promotes storage optimization and has a robust security approach. It is also very easy to connect the data thus stored with other third party applications. For instance, when you use S3 storage together with mobile apps which need to be accessed on the fly, it has been seen that it follows industry norms for service integrations. This lets development teams cater to client requirements without having to face any challenges on the way. Performances have also been found to be excellent with minimal lag times.
  • Finally, when scalability of applications is a cause for concern, you can choose Amazon S3. The advantages of this storage solution’s scalable architecture are plenty. These combined with its intuitive web interface makes scaling storage as easy as the click of a button.

These benefits show why the Amazon S3 can be the foundation of an excellent Content Delivery Network. S3 has been specifically created for content storage and content distribution. When your user base is spread across many regions, the S3-based CDN can offer many advantages to users by lowering lag times, improving content availability and quality of apps. For businesses looking to create a static website with HTML or JavaScript, S3 is very cost-effective and an easy-to-configure alternative. It is also a great candidate for storing huge amounts of data online, and when combined with Quick Sight UI, it can be the basis for a very useful Big Data tool. Big Data is a niche which is fast expanding across the world and many of its providers are selecting S3 for storing their data.

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