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Data Center today is Optimal Utilization with Lower TCO

Optimal utilization can make real difference in making data center more reliable and effective. The volume of digital data that most companies amass is growing exponentially with each passing day. The digital explosion has brought several challenges to the corporate world, such as high power consumption, data storage, thermal energy utilization, and inflating energy costs, to name a few. From business perspective and technology standpoint, customization, server virtualization, consolidation, and tuning drives by applications are likely to help businesses in optimizing power consumption, storage capacity, cooling, and efficiency to deliver breakthrough data center economics.

A recent report forecast states that along with power utilization, cooling, performance, storage density; advanced designs are needed to handle the I/O bandwidths, processing power, capacities and latency rates.

Data Center Challenges and Solutions

The focus on how servers are being managed, deployed and maintained has taken a shifted to how they are procured. Businesses are seeking for performance-driven and conveniently manageable servers to manage their applications. The emergence of multi-core processors is one of the major challenges among data center service providers to meet ever-changing demands of users in a stipulated time frame at reduced costs.

Solution: To address these challenges, data centers are shifting gears to the cloud and implementing new techniques.

Challenge: Lack of collaboration among the teams managing in-house infrastructure affects total cost of ownership.

Solution: Businesses looking to slash down IT investment must form association with leading cloud hosting providers and foster collaboration between teams for maintaining TCO for the modern enterprise computing ecosystem.

How Consolidation and Server Virtualization Reduces TCO

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Server virtualization and consolidation in data centers helps businesses to easily manage servers and applications, carving a robust and scalable platform for them. Virtualization of servers reduces cost, lowers licensing cost, increases security, and improves its proficiency by scaling up the utilization levels of the company’s existing hardware equipment. On the other hand, consolidation helps in eliminating the intricacies of resource management.

Apart from web server virtualization and consolidation, converged infrastructure will also help vendors to enhance network and storage virtualization with sophisticated application management.

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