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Dedicated Server Hosting

Why Dedicated Server Hosting is all your business needs?

Websites become a mess when they grow bigger than their hosting plans. Dedicated Server Hosting is a great solution for expanding business who want to offer the best experience to their visitors. Dedicated Server Hosting is becoming one of the most sought after web-tech for businesses around the world. This technology is proving to be Read more>>

5D Crystal

5D Storage Crystals: The Superman of the Storage World

Scientists have been working to invent always a better way to store data all around the world. All the work on the objective to find out such a data storage technology that can store data for last like forever. As there is no end to the storage needs of individuals and companies they had to Read more>>


Does Education have to suffer during Lockdown in the age of Cloud Storage?

No one in this world has a clear cut idea that when this whole lockdown period is going to end. We all are sailing in the same ship which is collectively unaware when to dive in. Every month the situation is getting more serious and solutions are coming in at their own pace. In between Read more>>

united nation global compact

How Tech Firms and Data Centres Not Losing Hope During Covid19 Pandemic?

ll around the world, people, doctors, and other medical operators are working 24/7 to save the lives of as many people as they could. Meanwhile, countries and governments are making plans to save their GDPs which is already struck hard and as per the present scenario is going to continue for long. Steep economic declines Read more>>

Hyperscale data center

Hyperscale Data Centers: Is it Worth the Expenditure?

I was just reading this news on TechCrunch that many Venture Capitalists are in the belief that the cloud market is now mature to its saturation level. Most of the startups are now opting out of it as they are free from their Incubator stage. There has been a trend observed of the ever-increasing cloud Read more>>


Bright Future of Data Centers in India

In the sprint to meet surging demands of organizations, data centers are making all possible vicissitudes in their architecture and delivery systems to add value proposition including data and capacity planning, and connectivity management. According to Gartner – inflating competition, cloud hosting provider dominance, nationalism and economic welfare are a few disruptive factors that will Read more>>


Dense computing – Optimizing Data Centers

In this digitally-motivated world, the front runners among various data center providers will be those who can attract potential users and retain existing ones by expeditiously addressing to their growing and dynamic demands. Conventional data centers usually draw computing power from rack mounted servers that are often implemented with virtualization technology, bolstering application availability and Read more>>

Data centers

How M2M is Taking Data Centers One Step Ahead?

Today, machine to machine (M2M) connections or Internet of Things is acting as the game changer for various industries. The companies investing in this new technology are expected to get higher returns on their capital investments as compared to the traditional technologies existing in the industry. In this light, companies and service providers are striving Read more>>

Hosting Server

Dedicated Servers: A Smart Investment and Technology Management Move

In this fast-paced business landscape ensuring significant user experience is a compelling factor for thriving and start-up businesses. Notably, to power up mission -critical applications, it is undeniably essential to have adequate technology, compute resources, and an access to a suite of elastic IT infrastructure as your business demands them.  Equitably, it is imperative to Read more>>

data centers

Server Colocation services-A Boon for businesses

 Web Servers are the life blood of  modern businesses. No organization can deny the relevance of web servers for their businesses. These servers hold the most critical asset of any organization – mission critical business information and data. It is a wise decision for businesses to house their servers with a robust data center that Read more>>

Efficient Data Centers

Top Ways to Reinforce Energy Efficiency in a Data Center

Data centers are the lifeblood for enormous business niches and are increasingly doing good job to shore up business efficiency. While data center services are being accorded by the horde of businesses, the pressure on the data center service providers is consistently growing up. Server sprawling and convoluted IT infrastructure makes it onerous for the Read more>>


Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC) Will Change The Face Of IT

Software Defined data centers are set to refine the curriculum by which data centers are managed and maintained, making it more agile, simple, and automated. To be precise, SDDC is an augmented framework of virtualization technology, whereby entire components of a data center, such as networking, CPU, storage, and security are virtualized to procure IT Read more>>


Are your Emails Secured on The Cloud

Emails are the widely used communication medium, preferred by SOHO, SME’s, large enterprises, and individuals for personal and professional interplay. I have found many of us struggling for an answer to the question “is cloud safe for emails”, in a scenario where breach of security has unfortunately become pervasive. Hereby, I have tried to cover Read more>>

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Overhauling Required For Next Generation Data Centers

Emergence of virtualization, blade servers, and cloud computing has intensified the importance of data center overhauling in all  terms – design, build, and  approach to cope with the ever-evolving business requirements. The interest in building a data center that is competent enough to pitch into long-term needs and concerns – is burgeoning. As a result, Read more>>


Not Sure Where To Host My Server

Understanding where to host your server is not a big deal!! Veritably, the best location for your server will bank on – the quality of the hosting provider you choose – their global communication networks and the immediacy to your target users. In this blog, you will get to know about the server location factors Read more>>