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Server Colocation services-A Boon for businesses

 Web Servers are the life blood of  modern businesses.

No organization can deny the relevance of web servers for their businesses. These servers hold the most critical asset of any organization – mission critical business information and data. It is a wise decision for businesses to house their servers with a robust data center that is efficiently managed.

Building data centers require a hefty amount of investment, which is quite impossible for small organizations. So, what other alternative is left with the organizations that wish to operate like a large dedicated IT department, but cannot bear the costs involved with it?

Server Colocation services are the best for you.

Survey conducted by IDC, a leading research firm shows a growth in colocation market. ‘The survey found that nearly all 95 percent of companies operated their own data centre. Around 20 percent of the companies surveyed used an IT outsourcer’s data centre, and 11 percent used a colocation service.’

Colocation services allows you to house your servers and related devices in a professional data center, to reap the benefits of economies of scale, cutting edge technology, state of the art infrastructure and robust security mechanism.

A server colocation provider basically allots a dedicated space to a business on lease. The users can comfortably place their web servers in the prescribed racks and share bandwidth, power etc. Once a business decides to opt for colocation services, they can focus on their core competencies and be relieved of maintaining and operating servers.

According to news report released by DCD Intelligence, ‘it identifies that almost a quarter of all data center footprint in the North America region is now outsourced. Covering the US and Canada, the North America Data Center Key Trends Report 2013-2014 estimates that the current amount invested in data center outsourcing & colocation has increased by 13% over the past 12 months and is now in the region of $8.8bn. A further increase of 15% is predicted by the end of 2014.’

Colocation services in India have witnessed an upsurge in the market and have gained popularity among enterprises that do not have adequate time or resources to construct their own dedicated data centers. With the help of colocation services, SMB’s can efficiently compete with large corporations and thereby enjoy optimal utilization of resources.

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