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The Market of Data Center in India Is Expected to Thrive in 2015

Today the need to increase storage capacity has become inevitable due to soaring usage of data applications. It is no surprise that the CIOs and CTOs are always trying to find new platforms where large scale data can be kept and employed with efficiency and security. There is no denying the fact that the data Read more>>


SDN Networks Set Cloud Apart from the Old Data Center

Today’s data centers look for networks that are capable of evolving at the speed of software. Sensing the significance data center virtualization, reputable IT companies introduce Software-defined Networking (SDN) solutions that quickly virtualize the data center. It has been observed that datacenter virtualization allows organizations to deploy secure, isolated cloud networks in just a few Read more>>

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How M2M is Taking Data Centers One Step Ahead?

Today, machine to machine (M2M) connections or Internet of Things is acting as the game changer for various industries. The companies investing in this new technology are expected to get higher returns on their capital investments as compared to the traditional technologies existing in the industry. In this light, companies and service providers are striving Read more>>

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Focus on Core Business and Remain Competitive with A Robust Data Center in India

No doubt, the scale of data center operations continues to ascend in India with the strong demand for IT services both from domestic and international market also remains unabated. In recent years, the Indian IT industry thrives phenomenally even during the economic slowdown, resulting in data explosion in a very large scale. In addition to Read more>>


Faster SSD Migration to Maximize IOPS

Emerging businesses’ demands are compelling IT industry to adopt cutting-edge technology, delivering performance, reliability with pertinent economic practices. All size businesses are adopting SSD (Solid State Drive) hosting technology for I/O intensive applications to deliver performance with simplified management and at controlling costs. The purpose of enterprises to move to SSD is to bring transformation Read more>>