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Key Reasons to Choose Solid State Drives over Hard Disk Drives

Majority of the advantages of Solid State Drives over Hard Disk Drives can be attributed to the way these are assembled. In a Solid State Drive several interconnected flash memories or circuit assemblies as memories are used to facilitate storage. This enables data storage even in the absence of power supply by obviating use of Read more>>


Faster SSD Migration to Maximize IOPS

Emerging businesses’ demands are compelling IT industry to adopt cutting-edge technology, delivering performance, reliability with pertinent economic practices. All size businesses are adopting SSD (Solid State Drive) hosting technology for I/O intensive applications to deliver performance with simplified management and at controlling costs. The purpose of enterprises to move to SSD is to bring transformation Read more>>


What Differentiates SATA, SAS and SSD?

SATA SAS SSD Acronym Serial ATA (SATA) Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Solid State Drive (SSD) What is it? SATA is a storage interface that joins host bus adaptors to data storage devices. SAS is a known data transfer technology to move data to and from computer storage devices such as hard drives. SSD is a Read more>>


SSD Powered Hosting a Stand-up Decision for Business-Critical Applications

Businesses growing with the superfast speed expect enhanced performance, and speed for their substantial websites. For that inarguably, dedicated server hosting sounds a prudent solution. However, with the time, as the website grows, requirements take a stretch, demanding more RAM, bandwidth, and storage space. Despite, incorporating the perquisites, the issues such as highest latency time, slow Read more>>