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Sanjay Poddar is a prolific writer whose in-depth knowledge on tech sector and curiosity to explore the unexplored has helped him to become an asset to the company. Apart from technology, he has covered various domains that he is keen to explore.

How Can the Internet of Things Drive Cloud Growth

How Internet of Things will change Lok Sabha Elections in 2019?

India has always been keen to embrace all that is new in the field of technology. It is only natural that all the latest technologies in the West have found an audience in India. Moreover, it is expected that India will try and use such technologies to resolve some real-world problems. At present, the Internet Read more>>


Step-By-Step Migration to the Azure

The cost effectiveness of cloud hosting solutions appeals to enterprises of all kinds. Not only is the cloud cost-effective, the ease of deployment and management of the infrastructure have also contributed to its popularity. Besides, when you choose to sign up for the cloud, you can also enjoy added benefits like flexibility, high-end performance and Read more>>


Integration of SAP HANA and Hadoop: Combining Two Worlds

SAP HANA and Hadoop together make one of the best technological trend of today’s world. Given the amount of efforts that has been put into it, SAP Hadoop integration is one of the smoothest you will have in today’s world. Without a doubt, technology has excellent ability of shaping the world. Nowadays, Big Data is Read more>>


3 Steps for building Scalable and Resilient, AWS Deployments

Are you looking for building a resilient AWS environment? Our dedicated experts offer excellent advice, design a suitable solution, or in fact construct a complete new cloud environment. Any cloud service which is public is basically susceptible for closing down. It is very possible for designing various fail-over systems on Amazon Web Service with cheap Read more>>


Key Cloud Growth Trends for 2018

Today, company executives do not look at the cloud simply as a tool for leveraging their infrastructures. Rather, they are more interested in finding out ways to use cloud computing technologies for strategizing business goals for the year 2018. The increased rate of cloud adoption is expected to drive unprecedented growth in public cloud hosting Read more>>


How SAP HANA Strategies are Defined

Because the Sap HANA is so flexible by nature, deciding on the right application to run is a problem. So, one of the major roadblocks in planning SAP HANA adoption strategy is really because of its nature; SAP has successfully made it into a platform which can run many kinds of enterprise applications. So, deciding Read more>>


Significance of Hardware Specification in Dedicated Server Hosting

When it comes to approaching a web hosting vendor and opting for any of the plans such vendors offer, most enterprise customers don’t pay heed to the hardware their websites are going to be hosted on. For the most part, the significance of hardware is overshadowed by the contribution of software that is running your Read more>>


Email Server Hosting Ensures Security and Continuity of Communication Flow

Email proves to be inevitable communication platform in today’s information-driven organizations. An infringement in email security could result in substantial commercial and legal ramifications. For instance, your email system becomes prey to an extremely destructive, lethal virus. Not solely is your email system affected. However, as with biological viruses, once the trespasser starts penetrating other Read more>>

Dedicated Server

Understand Different Facets of Dedicated Server Hosting

There is no denying running a small to medium scale business can become a costly affair rather than easier. More and more business owners are favoring the protocol of hosting their websites on dedicated servers to cut down the cost of business operations. Owning a dedicated server has manifold benefits in addition to minimizing business Read more>>


Choosing between VPS Server and Cloud Hosting for Your E-commerce Business

Entrepreneurs trying to set up e-commerce businesses are confronted with multiple hosting options when trying to launch their online business portal. Considering the online nature of business, it is important that they choose the right option to prevent any possible risk to their business. In this post, we will try and understand two of the Read more>>


The Market of Data Center in India Is Expected to Thrive in 2015

Today the need to increase storage capacity has become inevitable due to soaring usage of data applications. It is no surprise that the CIOs and CTOs are always trying to find new platforms where large scale data can be kept and employed with efficiency and security. There is no denying the fact that the data Read more>>


Flawless Execution of Online Business Activity with a VPS Hosting Server

Internet technologies have pierced through all aspects of our life and transformed it drastically. With their support, people are able to accomplish most of their tasks from perusing newspapers, communicating with others, playing online games to buying products and services – all from the comfort of their homes. The ever-increasing number of online users has Read more>>

Dedicated Server

Erase the Troubles of Server Management with a Dedicated Server Hosting Plan

Aspiring to be a web-based entrepreneur means you have all the avant garde technologies up your sleeves to keep your mission-critical business applications up and running all the time. In fact, hosting your business website on a server is crucial for your business to sustain in the Internet market. However, the performance of your website Read more>>


Add More Power to Your Website with a VPS Hosting Plan

Businesses that experience adequate exposure to the Internet usually aim towards elevating the power of their websites. Otherwise, they mislay the freedom to customize configurations and respective software. By and large, meeting such business requirements calls for an independent server so that additional budget related strain is not encountered. This is where the performance of Read more>>


Gain Complete Control of Your Business with a Dedicated Server Hosting Option

Venturing into online business means you must keep your products or services accessible anytime and from anywhere. In simple words, the online business is shaped with a website for transaction and as a result, you wish to empower your website to upload and download applications at a very fast pace. The reason you want your Read more>>

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