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The Market of Data Center in India Is Expected to Thrive in 2015

Today the need to increase storage capacity has become inevitable due to soaring usage of data applications. It is no surprise that the CIOs and CTOs are always trying to find new platforms where large scale data can be kept and employed with efficiency and security. There is no denying the fact that the data center market has every reason to prosper not only in terms of sustainability but also in clientele base.

In line with the global trends, the market of data center in India is expected to contribute immensely to the economy and resurgence of growth-related projects across diverse industry verticals such as banking, insurance, telecom and the government. If Gartner’s revelation is to be trusted, Indian data center infrastructure market consisting of server, cloud storage and networking components will witness in the current financial year.    Data Center

As the Indian economy is expected to grow at a healthy pace this year, data center companies from across the globe are eyeing on the region for infrastructure deployment. Besides, some government initiatives like Digital India and Make in India have also encouraged these companies to choose India as a lucrative destination for data center business. This is because such initiatives can pave the way for data generation in abundance, which will eventually lead to the growth in the demand for data center solutions. Though giant financial institutions, telecom providers and e-commerce entities have set up their own data centers for meeting their huge data center needs, reputable web hosting providers are delivering services of data management security to small and midsized businesses. Some big players from India as well as abroad have already set up data centers in various metropolises with the perspective to help companies of all sizes to optimize their existing hardware assets by utilizing additional software capabilities.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the market opportunity for data center in India continues to mature with the rising dominance of 3G, broadband connectivity and the arrival of revolutionary technologies like cloud and virtualization. It is obvious that this industry expects better prospect in this part of the world this year.

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