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Choosing between VPS Server and Cloud Hosting for Your E-commerce Business

Entrepreneurs trying to set up e-commerce businesses are confronted with multiple hosting options when trying to launch their online business portal. Considering the online nature of business, it is important that they choose the right option to prevent any possible risk to their business.

In this post, we will try and understand two of the most common solutions offered by service providers for e-commerce businesses – cloud and VPS hosting

VPS Server Web Hosting

VPS, also referred to as the Virtual Private Server web hosting is a hosting plan that leverages access to a virtual private server. This solution is used especially by small businesses because it is cost-effective, easy to configure and offered with control and security not available with other hosting plans. Further, the technical support delivered is extremely efficient as it can allow fixing your server issues at your end most of the times. Security problems and the server crashing issues are minimal in VPS server, thus eliminating the likelihood of downtime and making it extremely secure to use.

VPS Server and Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a collection of virtual servers housed in data centers spread across different regions. Each server is integrated with individual operating system, RAM, processor and bandwidth that can provide better data backup and security to its user.

As noted, the cloud hosting is an extension of multiple servers and as a result, the owner can benefit from scalability, flexibility, redundancy and security of IT resources, which are crucial for driving business growth. This web hosting plan is now being preferred by organizations of all sizes as it can let them change their IT resources in compliance with the changing needs.

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Now, cloud providers offer a disseminated infrastructure backed by large volumes of resiliency and fail-over. This kind of offering is beneficial for many eCommerce businesses – both large and small – that are aiming at employing the cloud for business continuity purposes. The goal is apparent: offload key infrastructure components to a highly redundant cloud provider and in turn, create a resilient infrastructure.

The Verdict

For your e-commerce portal, VPS web hosting will consist of monthly bills but if you subscribe a cloud hosting plan, then the mode of payment will be based on pay for features that you use. VPS server cannot be considered as a viable option while hosting an eCommerce website because it attracts heavy web traffic. It is usually designed to cater the needs of small businesses that run websites carrying less critical applications. This clearly indicates that you must understand your requirements prior buying any web hosting plan to operate your eCommerce online store with ease.

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