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Cloud Email Hosting Always Improves Anti-spam and Email Security

Organizations these days are considered as prime recipients of spam. There is no denying the fact that spam continues to grow, thereby posing a threat for traditional on-premises email security products to protect companies’ communication channels. This is because traditional on-premises email security products often lack space for additional hardware installation, which in turn deprive Read more>>


Cloud Hosting Servers Are Soon Expected to Be a Part of Indian Firms

Migrating to cloud hosting servers by enterprises for email, file storage and software applications is rapidly increasing, although the adoption rate in India is relatively lower, according to surveys conducted by several market research firms. It is interesting to note that the use of cloud varies from companies to companies. For instance, some firms adopt Read more>>


Convert Your Website Traffic into Customers with Compatible Web Hosting Services

You feel satisfied after realizing the presence of your business over the Internet and traffic is flowing in to your website. The bitter reality is that the conversion rate fluctuates frequently, however, with a proactive marketing strategy in place, you can be rest assured to find your site on the top of major search engines. Read more>>


Web Hosting Solutions Blended with Cloud Favor Business Growth

In current business scenario, one that is unabated overwhelmingly –evolving technology and utilizing this becomes inevitable to stay ahead in the competition in terms of resource utilization and increasing productivity. Here technology refers to web hosting solution and the challenge lies in ensuring the hosting plan subscribed is apt for the situation, meets business needs, Read more>>


Data Center for Business Scalability and Flexibility

At a time when all size businesses are planning to slash expenses and streamline operations, the data center has come under increasing pressure to make its operations efficient and modernized. Today’s data center is integrated with technology in order for ensuring correct quantity of IT service deliver, cost effective and complementing business objectives. There is Read more>>


Track Exact Enterprise Application Costs with Cloud Computing

No doubt, enterprises adopting cloud computing can benefit from improved resource optimization and enhanced server delivery capabilities. This is because cloud hosting enables organizations to deploy and maintain mission-critical business applications in order for experiencing greater flexibility and reduced complexity. However, it is essential to have a complete comprehension of this avant-garde hosting platform and Read more>>

Efficient Data Centers

Focus on Core Business and Remain Competitive with A Robust Data Center in India

No doubt, the scale of data center operations continues to ascend in India with the strong demand for IT services both from domestic and international market also remains unabated. In recent years, the Indian IT industry thrives phenomenally even during the economic slowdown, resulting in data explosion in a very large scale. In addition to Read more>>


Faster SSD Migration to Maximize IOPS

Emerging businesses’ demands are compelling IT industry to adopt cutting-edge technology, delivering performance, reliability with pertinent economic practices. All size businesses are adopting SSD (Solid State Drive) hosting technology for I/O intensive applications to deliver performance with simplified management and at controlling costs. The purpose of enterprises to move to SSD is to bring transformation Read more>>


Amplify Performance and Reduce Costs with Server Management Service

In this fast-paced IT landscape, adequate management and maintenance of IT infrastructure is indubitably essential for businesses to drive growth and innovation. Unplanned hardware failure, downtime, events can cause substantial losses and even raise a question mark on business credibility. Here, the concept of server management indeed acts as a blessing in disguise for them Read more>>

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Service Sectors Favour the Growth of Data Center in India

Those days are no more when Indian economy was depending on the growth of traditional sectors like textile, manufacturing and agriculture. The emergence of information technology (IT) and services related to IT have stood as a significant contributor to India’s GDP. Since the liberation in the 90s, this sector has been succeeded in overshadowing other Read more>>


Cloud Technology Manages Transformation in Business Process

Cloud computing denotes the supply of computer processing infrastructure, OS, applications and data storage over Internet-enabled public or private computer network. The purpose of this technology is to alleviate the hassles of maintaining compute devices and data storage along with reducing the costs associated with the operation of organizations. Although this avant-garde technology is in Read more>>


Server Colocation Caters To Network Connectivity And IT Support Needs

When it comes to managing IT infrastructure, organizations have their own specific needs as they revolve around the IT lifecycle that triggers economic growth. Whatever be the size of an organization, investment on colocation has become a popular option to provide space, power, cooling, and physical security to IT infrastructure. If reports of Info-Tech Research Read more>>

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