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Can Analytics and Data Storage Promote Cloud Usage in 2017

Can Analytics and Data Storage Promote Cloud Usage in 2017?

There are many published reports available that point out that both analytics and data storage facilities are going to promote use of cloud. In fact, this trend can lead to enhanced adoption of cloud in the current year (i.e. 2017). In fact, the data center market is witnessing some serious changes, change in momentum, and Read more>>

Application Hosting

Different Types of Hosting Solutions: Benefits and Drawbacks

You can choose from different types of hosting these days. You will avail of different types of services depending on the nature of hosting you have signed up for. Choosing the right type of hosting for your website is definitely not an easy task. You should devote sufficient time to understand the features of hosting, Read more>>

Leveraging Scalability of Cloud to Boost Business Prospects

Thanks to cloud computing, any student or an aspiring entrepreneur can not only dream about being the next Zuckerberg but has the potential to become one. This is the power of cloud hosting technology, which can transform business prospects, bring in new innovations, or support faster development and marketing of products with its scalability and Read more>>


SaaS Market to Experience Continued Growth

Software-as- a- service (SaaS) delivery model is changing the way organizations and individuals utilize software owing to its cutting-edge attributes. It provides seamless software utilities, intuitive interface to customize, and automatic upgrades to ascertain all customizations applied, remain intact. Simply put, SaaS based applications are staggeringly scalable, and are available on an on-demand basis that Read more>>


Highlighting the Major Cloud Myths

Cloud computing has extended its roots covering all the major sectors including healthcare and education. In this line organizations are adopting cloud to raise their clientele graph and combat undue performance pressure, which indispensably drops down the growth chart. It is noteworthy that cloud has emerged as a unique model for provisioning and consuming IT Read more>>

Efficient Data Centers

Focus on Core Business and Remain Competitive with A Robust Data Center in India

No doubt, the scale of data center operations continues to ascend in India with the strong demand for IT services both from domestic and international market also remains unabated. In recent years, the Indian IT industry thrives phenomenally even during the economic slowdown, resulting in data explosion in a very large scale. In addition to Read more>>