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Can Analytics and Data Storage Promote Cloud Usage in 2017

Can Analytics and Data Storage Promote Cloud Usage in 2017?

There are many published reports available that point out that both analytics and data storage facilities are going to promote use of cloud. In fact, this trend can lead to enhanced adoption of cloud in the current year (i.e. 2017). In fact, the data center market is witnessing some serious changes, change in momentum, and Read more>>

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Endpoint Security: A Case for Migrating Corporate Network to Cloud

As companies are battling with rising cybercrime rate, it has become imperative for them to turn into a more distributed model and add additional security endpoints throughout their network. Any vulnerability or safety deficiency can adversely impact their confidential data as well as IT infrastructure. Considering this scenario where the endpoint security of an organization Read more>>


Analytics, CRM and CPQ Services to Witness Increased Business Growth

As 2016 is already here, leading strategists and research firms have started contemplating on the grounds of the analysis derived from the preceding year, giving businesses a microscopic view on growing cloud market, to help them gain a pragmatic view of headways for better decision-making. Operational excellence, best returns on investment and adding value proposition Read more>>


Optimizing Computing Performance & Cost with Cloud Analytics

Recent studies conducted by cloud inventors have unveiled a technique which utilizes cloud analytics to intensify cloud computing performance as well as reduce costs. In it, workloads are moved dynamically within the heart of cloud centers. This is generally based upon automatic analysis as well as determination of some of the most efficient and effective Read more>>


Reinforcing Enterprise Software Applications With The SMAC Code

Social networking, mobile, analytics and cloud technology products have individually enabled the IT industry to offer higher value to clients. Today, the unification of these technologies, which is commonly called SMAC, is efficiently transforming business models. Terms like the “Third Platform” and “Nexus of Forces” have been coined by research forms and enterprises to christen Read more>>


Potentials Of BI Powered By Cloud Analytics

Analytics holds the powerful potential of identifying emerging business patterns. With its help, companies can now predict shifting market trends way ahead of their rivalry. For instance, cloud analytics helps a company to forecast lowest budget, so competition against deep-pocket teams becomes easy. Sometimes, business models are built alongside formulas which make use of information Read more>>


Cloud ROI: An Influential Tool to Measure Bottom Line Performance

Gone is the time when cloud computing was simply regarded as a virtual resource hosted on some service vendor’s network. Today, cloud hosting technology is a widely acknowledged model that offers flexible computing benefits in a highly secured environment. The industry experts claim that the adoption of this cutting edge technology can not only help Read more>>


Critical Legacy Data Integration With Cloud Analytics Strategy

Cloud analytics helps to overcome legacy data integration barriers by connecting data sources. Success of a global enterprise (be it an SME or a large corporate) is guaranteed only if a critical data analytics strategy is incorporated these days. Thankfully, with the emergence of big data or cloud-based analytics, it has become easier to deal Read more>>


Understanding Big Data Dynamics

Every day, trillion bytes of data is generated that is approximately 90% of the real-time data in the world today. This vast amount of data is gathered by information-sensing mobile devices, software logs, radio-frequency identification (RFID) readers, digital images, and through content posted on social media sites. This collective and unstructured data is named as BIG Read more>>


Cloud Analytics -Conduit To Next Generation Paradigm

“Application of Business analytics to the domain of cloud computing is the call of the day!” For building tomorrow’s enterprises, businesses are heading towards driving business innovation through cloud computing and analytic solutions. In this fast pacing dynamic world, both technological modernization and its adoption go hand in hand, when it comes to the success Read more>>