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What Your Customers Wants

4 Analytics Tools that Help You Know What Your Customers Want

Before you set up an online business you would want to know what customers are searching. There are a handful of tools that let you find what’s trending and what’s phased out. They do so by prudently keeping track of each and every search that takes place and adding them to the database. They have Read more>>

Big data

How Big Data Is Influencing Political Campaigns for Election in India?

With the general elections around the corner, political parties are all ready to exploit the big data and data analytics to woo the voters and tilt the results in their favor. Big data was first used in the US presidential elections in 2012 by the erstwhile president Barack Obama. BJP used in a lesser scale Read more>>


Rahul Gandhi Banks Deeply On Big Data Analytics To Counter BJP In 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

Political parties will not leave any stone unturned when it comes to designing a focused campaign which is going to be backed by data, numbers and analytics this time. The latest entrant is Rahul Gandhi, President of the Congress Party. The Congress Party was visibly shaken by the Modi juggernaut in the 2014 General Elections Read more>>

Big Data Solutions For Gaming Industry

The Growing Importance Of Big Data Solutions For Gaming Industry

The video gaming industry is growing at a breakneck pace and it is apparent that the speed at which the industry is expanding is unlikely to change in the near future. Gaming is a rage and has a growing fan following across all age groups which explains the amazing speed of growth of the industry Read more>>

Understanding Multiple Aspects of Data Centers In View of Big Data

The impact of big data can be understood from the fact that ninety percent of all data is produced in the span of last two years. It is predicted that velocity of data generation will continue to accelerate further in near future. In view of this data centers need to gear up to handle the Read more>>


Understanding Big Data Dynamics

Every day, trillion bytes of data is generated that is approximately 90% of the real-time data in the world today. This vast amount of data is gathered by information-sensing mobile devices, software logs, radio-frequency identification (RFID) readers, digital images, and through content posted on social media sites. This collective and unstructured data is named as BIG Read more>>