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cloud Security

Why is Cloud Security Vital for the Healthcare Industry?

It is a known fact that the healthcare industry is perhaps the most vulnerable to cyber threats these days. This does not come as a surprise since the presence of personal and financial details about millions of patients is bound to attract cybercriminals. Only a year back, the WannaCry ransomware strike had put the UK Read more>>


Server Virtualization Software comparison ─ Microsoft Hyper-V vs VMware vSphere vs Citrix XenServer vs Red Hat KVM

Virtualization has become popular since its evolution back in the Sixties. Back then, it absolutely was the high period of mainframes, and International Business Machines (IBM) introduced Virtual Machines and then involved them within every nook and cranny of the industrial sphere. The CP-67 software assisted in executing very distinguished applications along with enhancing consumption Read more>>


Serverless Cloud Computing – A Real Game Changer

Although the term ‘serverless computing’ is a contradiction by itself, it aptly explains the purpose and benefits of such functionality. Automatic provisioning and de-provisioning of resources without leveraging actual servers, has always been a long cherished desire of developers as well as CIOs. Brief Insight about Serverless Computing Thanks to cloud computing, it is now Read more>>

Understanding Multiple Aspects of Data Centers In View of Big Data

The impact of big data can be understood from the fact that ninety percent of all data is produced in the span of last two years. It is predicted that velocity of data generation will continue to accelerate further in near future. In view of this data centers need to gear up to handle the Read more>>

data center web storage

Building a Backup Strategy: Using Cloud And On-Premises For Best Data Backup Strategies

Technical issues can cause major setbacks even to companies that are using state-of-the-art cloud hosting technologies and advanced processes. Recent incidents involving two international majors show how ill-prepared companies are when it comes to adapting backup systems. Experts state that companies can save themselves tons of trouble if they have an efficient backup system in Read more>>


Review of Hadoop as a Service Based in Terms of Security and Cost Factors

The Java based and open source programming framework, Hadoop is extensively used in a distributed computing environment for supporting storage as well as processing of huge data sets. It is one of the highly respected tools for utilization, management, and analysis of Big Data. Hadoop empowers organizations to make the most of even extremely complex Read more>>

business Email

How Can A Resilient Email Hosting Uplift Your Business?

Can you possibly imagine running your business without email? The answer should plainly be No. Email communication is the backbone of IT industry failing of which the projects would come to a halt right way. The options for email hosting are plenty; however there are only few that rise above the rest in terms of Read more>>

Colocation Server Hosting

Benefits of Colocation Server

Set up & maintenance cost for building an in-house space to keep your company server may not be affordable by every company. It requires a separate section in your company premises equipped with the necessary facilities. You need to hire skilled IT personnel, buy hardware and bandwidth to keep the computer system up & running. Read more>>


Cloud Hosting – A Silver Bullet Solution

“Have your cake, and eat it too”. This is the provision that cloud hosting offers -control of a dedicated server at the affordable price of a shared server. Cloud computing depicts a cluster of servers that do load balancing for websites. It offers various facilities like scalability, isolation, better control at a lesser cost than Read more>>

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