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Cloud Hosting – A Silver Bullet Solution

“Have your cake, and eat it too”.

This is the provision that cloud hosting offers -control of a dedicated server at the affordable price of a shared server. Cloud computing depicts a cluster of servers that do load balancing for websites. It offers various facilities like scalability, isolation, better control at a lesser cost than a dedicated server.

  • Isolation  Sometimes the neighboring site that shares a common server with your website eats up all the resources leaving your website in a resource crunch situation. There isn’t enough RAM, Processing power, CPU utilization left to serve your site. This risk is mitigated in cloud hosting.
  • cloud_hosting_serversScalability Pay for what you use. If you need more resources at the time of high traffic, cloud will provide it.
  • Better Control  You can customize as per your needs. Installing applications, modifying system software is possible.

Hence, cloud hosting is an ace, killing two birds with one stone -better control in less cost.

With changing times, the concept of cloud hosting is rapidly evloving, as more and more companies are adopting this new technology to leverage the benefits of cost efficiency and unlimited storage.

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