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Colocation Server Hosting

Benefits of Colocation Server

Set up & maintenance cost for building an in-house space to keep your company server may not be affordable by every company. It requires a separate section in your company premises equipped with the necessary facilities. You need to hire skilled IT personnel, buy hardware and bandwidth to keep the computer system up & running. You could avail the same amount of bandwidth through colocation at a lesser price. You get the provision to keep your server at someone else’s rack.

Your server would reside in a secured data center saving your capital expenditure. The power is supplied by the service provider and requirements could be scaled-up on demand basis. You could meet your fluctuating and seasonal demands with the colocation service provider beside you.

Let’s discuss what a colocation service offers to you:

  • Improved Connectivity : Fully redundant network connections making sure customers business critical applications run smooth without any hiccups.
  • Enhanced Network Security :Latest firewalls and IDS systems for detection & prevention of unauthorized access.
  • Redundant Power Supply : This is done through a combination of multiple power grids.
  • Bursting Capacity :Option of bursting to higher bandwidth levels as per website traffic. Capital investment is avoided. You get bandwidth at a lesser price because of Economies of Scale advantage for the service provider.
  • Room for growth : The infrastructure in terms of space, CPU utilization, RAM, bandwidth, processor power could be expanded to fit the requirement of your company’s growth.

Colocation server could be your first big step towards cloud hosting, and small firms seeking to avail cloud computing services in future could begin their journey with colocation service.

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