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7 Things You Did Not Know Your VM Could Do

Virtualization isn’t for nerds alone or people running powerful supercomputers and servers. VM (and virtualization) has something to offer to everybody. If you have been thinking whether VM would be any useful, it is about time you tried it yourself. So here we are, with some Virtual Machine project ideas. You can try these out Read more>>


Seven different types of Virtualization

In the similar fields of technical or say non-technical business, the technology of virtualization has become a slogan of various classes. However what will the present technical mode really indicate, and the how will it have an influence over things such as network security? What is meant by Virtualization, technically? Virtualization is basically an astonishingly Read more>>


Server Virtualization Software comparison ─ Microsoft Hyper-V vs VMware vSphere vs Citrix XenServer vs Red Hat KVM

Virtualization has become popular since its evolution back in the Sixties. Back then, it absolutely was the high period of mainframes, and International Business Machines (IBM) introduced Virtual Machines and then involved them within every nook and cranny of the industrial sphere. The CP-67 software assisted in executing very distinguished applications along with enhancing consumption Read more>>

Four Facts That You Must Focus On While Upgrading Data Center Net To 25G

Planning to upgrade your data center net? Here are a few things that you should carefully consider before making the move. There is no alternative to 25G if you want to boost performance and enhance working efficiency of the workload of your datacenter. The backward compatibility of 25G will ensure that you get the best Read more>>

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Protecting Virtual Servers Using Appropriate Protection Level

Companies are progressively moving to server virtualization as a way to trim down IT costs and to improvise the manageability of their IT infrastructure. However, virtualization can even lead to a single point of failure, if the hosting provider’s systems are not appropriately managed, or the storage itself gets faulty. The situation can be catastrophic Read more>>

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User Friendly And Effective Windows VPS Hosting Platform

VPS hosting has become the foremost choice of smart businesses, owing to flexibility and economies of scale, it pitches to its users. Carrying resemblance of dedicated servers, a virtual private server is created using Virtuozzo, and the data is put on VPS in form of Virtual Machine (VM). On the top of the VMs, there is Read more>>