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Right Backup System for Your Small Business

How to Choose the Right Backup System for Your Small Business

Even a casual look at news or reports concerned with cyber attacks is enough to underline significance of adopting cyber-security measures. Small businesses need to design a robust strategy for data backup for ensuring business continuity in the event of cyber attacks. Significance of data loss prevention measures Loss of revenues can be as high Read more>>


How to Plan for Virtualization and Avoid Downtime

Virtualization technology allows businesses to optimize global IT environment in order to match the needs of a dynamic business. It can improve mundane IT functions and strengthen your environment in tandem. Stepping into a virtualized infrastructure for your business critical applications can help you: Simplify intricate processes to mitigate errors and unwanted scenarios Add agility Read more>>

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Protecting Virtual Servers Using Appropriate Protection Level

Companies are progressively moving to server virtualization as a way to trim down IT costs and to improvise the manageability of their IT infrastructure. However, virtualization can even lead to a single point of failure, if the hosting provider’s systems are not appropriately managed, or the storage itself gets faulty. The situation can be catastrophic Read more>>