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What Is Network Security? 7 Tips To Max Out Your Security

In this article – Network Security explored, and explained. How to setup a secure Network. Network security is a rather broad term covering technology from multiple dimensions. In layman’s terms, it a set of rules of pre-defined configurations that help computer network know which device is seeking unauthorized access to the data. Every business, regardless Read more>>

Right Backup System for Your Small Business

How to Choose the Right Backup System for Your Small Business

Even a casual look at news or reports concerned with cyber attacks is enough to underline significance of adopting cyber-security measures. Small businesses need to design a robust strategy for data backup for ensuring business continuity in the event of cyber attacks. Significance of data loss prevention measures Loss of revenues can be as high Read more>>

Preventing Data

Cloud Data Security | Preventing Data Breach to Preserve Organization’s Reputation

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to establish robust reputation of any organization. However, according to the great entrepreneur Warren Buffet, the process of building a good reputation can take as long as twenty years and it can be damaged in matter of minutes. Data Breach Can Endanger Your Reputation Organizations can adopt several ways Read more>>

cloud security

Don’t Give Security Provisions Any Benefit of Doubt

For years, security perils have curtailed many from migrating their critical data to the cloud technology platform. The recent attacks on US government systems are a stark reminder of vulnerabilities that have caused both monetary and reputation loss for the government. This catastrophic event once again highlighted the importance of securing electronic devices, proprietary data, Read more>>


Keep Your Website Protected From a DDoS Attack

Scams, whether the ones that surface in the national and international polity or in the cyber world – do not seem coming to an end.  Forward-thinking business leaders try to revamp their security roadmap to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and network availability for their procedures. Until the recent times, the investments were more focused on Read more>>

Storing Data

Are you Taking Data Protection for Granted?

As innovations are reforming the business economy, CIOs have become more serious and cognitive when planning to integrate a technology solution. Right from the CEOs to company executives, all have zero tolerance for data loss and downtime issues. Over and over again, such organizations set a priority for their critical applications and data, which is Read more>>


15 ways to secure your LAMP based VPS and Dedicated Web Servers

The Internet & technology has completely revolutionized our world, right from paying bills to enjoying shopping online. Apparently, we are experiencing the influence of innovative technology in everyday life. But, as far as these impulsive trends are shifting towards fierce technology, we are more at the stake of security threats. A recent threat of 360 Read more>>


Data Center – a Facility That Hugely Transforms a Company’s Networking Environment

A data center is the core intelligence of a company – a space where the most critical operations are performed. Way back, more than 5 or 6 decades ago, computers were so huge they had to be housed in individual rooms specially set aside to accommodate them. Gradually miniaturization set in, packing more power in significantly Read more>>


DDOS Attacks And Their Serious Repercussions

A distributed denial-of-service attack has become prevalent these days. The repercussions of denial of attack are extensively high, where an attacker onslaught the access of legitimate users from accessing a website completely or by ending up to a delayed response. Envisaging DDoS attacks on your online business, where multitude of compromised systems attack a dedicated Read more>>

Making Use of Cross-Platform Services to Remember Passwords

Seldom, we acquaint with horrible moments, and one of the same scary situation occurs when we fail to remember our usernames and password. Gone are the days, when picking up a single combination of password and using them everywhere was prevailing. Technically, using a universal password for all the sites raises the security concerns. The Read more>>


Things to Consider While Backing Up Sensitive Corporate Data

We all are living in an information technology age, where loss of critical data means fluttering of the core business structure. Can’t be denied, the power of the hackers, spammers are increasing at the same pace as the technology is burgeoning. The integration of data backups and intrusion forestalling methodologies has become ineludible to convoy Read more>>