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Preventing Data

Cloud Data Security | Preventing Data Breach to Preserve Organization’s Reputation

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to establish robust reputation of any organization. However, according to the great entrepreneur Warren Buffet, the process of building a good reputation can take as long as twenty years and it can be damaged in matter of minutes. Data Breach Can Endanger Your Reputation Organizations can adopt several ways Read more>>

The Cloud

Understanding Relevance of Cloud for Enhanced Cloud Data Security

Every online business faces multiple challenges and dilemma while moving to cloud. One of the most important concerns during cloud adoption is that of security in cloud environment. Thanks to emergence of new security solutions and new breed of efficient cloud providers, these can concerns can be effectively addressed now. The new cloud hosting service Read more>>


Steps to Provide Robust Security to Your Data in Cloud

Popularity of cloud computing is growing by leaps and bounds. The extent of popularity has been summed up nicely by recent Gartner’s report that predicts cloud computing to be the major driving force of IT budgets beginning from the year 2016 itself. Cloud has been used metaphorically to denote involvement of Internet in the computing Read more>>