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Understanding Relevance of Cloud for Enhanced Cloud Data Security

Every online business faces multiple challenges and dilemma while moving to cloud. One of the most important concerns during cloud adoption is that of security in cloud environment.

Thanks to emergence of new security solutions and new breed of efficient cloud providers, these can concerns can be effectively addressed now. The new cloud hosting service providers are also capable of supporting IT infrastructures of businesses from diverse categories.

Cloud computing has matured over the years leading to development of more secure and business specific cloud solutions that are instantly deployed and dynamically scaled up or down in response to demand from customers.


Inherent security threats

One needs to understand presence of some internal factors within the organizations that may compromise data security. These factors can be dealt with effectively to rule out any threat to cloud data security due to inherent laxities of an organization.

New hand held devices are highly efficient mini workstations and employees are tempted to use these for accessing organization’s data for doing official work while on the go or in places that cannot guarantee presence of online security measures.

Periodic data sharing among several individuals also increases chances of data hacking or intrusion attempts. One must lay more emphasis on the data storage location in spite of it being positioned at offshore location. Cyber criminals or hackers can intercept data during transfers to get access to sensitive information.

Role of cloud solutions in enhancing data security

Cloud computing technology offers fascinating advantages to users. These include unrestricted accessibility, improved operational efficiency, and on demand scalability, to name a few. These and many more advantages of cloud technology have accelerated cloud adoption and the proliferation of cloud solution has also improved availability of high end security mechanism as well.

Following benefits of cloud solutions are directly associated with security:

• User friendly testing and auditing
• Facilitates automated security measures
• Offers easy access to IT security teams
• Presence of self-regulatory frameworks improve compliance

Understanding mechanism of cloud security

Minimizes exposure of vital data- Thanks to robust methods of encryption and tokenization, cloud computing facilitates security of sensitive data. The Cloud data security is further beefed up by use of strong passwords and zip files for securing and positioning data out of the reach of hackers. Cloud solutions offer remote location for storing your most confidential data, thus improving level of security.

Defining permissions

Cloud solutions allow defining permissions and restrict access to authorized users to protect data from unauthorized elements. The access restrictions require authorized users to authenticate their roles and limits access only to specific portion of data for greater safety.

Mitigates virus attacks

Sophisticated anti-malware or antivirus solutions are able to improve data security by securing endpoints of workstations from multiple threats such as cross site scripting, SQL injection, and DDoS attacks. Regular updates and security patches can be added by accessing cloud based applications that provide automatic updates through a single click.

Security of cloud backup

Virtualization is the greatest gift of cloud computing. It enables secured login for accessing data from remote locations. Thus, an off-premise data storage facility can be of great convenience for accessing sensitive data. Cloud backup solutions can provide amazing benefits in the event of any major mishap.

Easy to deploy solutions

Users can easily adopt cloud models by accessing well designed cloud deployment models such as public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud. If you are looking for an agile, flexible, and a highly secure cloud model then a private cloud is just what you need and for implementation of less sensitive workloads the public cloud can be accessed. Many organizations use the combination of public and private cloud to experience unlimited advantages of hybrid cloud.

Unique features of cloud hosting solutions

Reliability of cloud service provider is of utmost importance for establishing web presence of an online enterprise that is secure and highly available. Cloud services are provided as service models that allow users to scale cloud resources as per requirements.

The major difference between cloud hosting and traditional hosting is the data in cloud hosting is stored on multiple servers that are positioned at diverse locations. Therefore the data remains secure in comparison with traditional hosting models. Scalable and multi-tenant cloud models are more affordable and safer alternatives to legacy hosting solutions.

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