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How to Host a Website on Google Cloud Server?

Creating a website to begin with any business is mandatory in times of digitalization. And to start the same, one needs to have a unique domain name representing the area of business with the desired extension. Once, you are done with getting the domain name from a reliable source, you should choose the hosting platform Read more>>


A Comparison between Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers

Is a dedicated server hosting solution the best one for you or do you believe that a cloud hosting service will help you manage your tasks better? Entrepreneurs often find it tough to make a choice to choose between dedicated servers and cloud servers. This apples-to-apples comparison between dedicated servers and cloud servers will help Read more>>


Top Ten Things to Consider When Migrating to the Cloud

There have been instances when migrations to the cloud have not happened seamlessly. Some companies have actually struggled to migrate their data and operations to the cloud. However, the teams, which experienced such roadblocks, have learnt from their lessons in the past and worked to make things smoother for future migrations. These are some of Read more>>


Steps to Provide Robust Security to Your Data in Cloud

Popularity of cloud computing is growing by leaps and bounds. The extent of popularity has been summed up nicely by recent Gartner’s report that predicts cloud computing to be the major driving force of IT budgets beginning from the year 2016 itself. Cloud has been used metaphorically to denote involvement of Internet in the computing Read more>>

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Where Are You In Your Cloud Journey?

Cloud has covered a long way helping businesses to embark in an era of digital development with a goal to support the dynamically changing business landscape. Indeed, shifting interest of businesses to cloud has created ripples in the hyper-connected world, as it boasts some inimitable attributes and costs only a fraction of other competing computing Read more>>


How Cloud Governance Limits Security Risks?

Cloud computing is known for driving innovation, fuelling business performance, and enabling enterprises to move away from the CAPEX model to the OPEX model. For this reason, many research reports from the leading institutions have marked this disruptive technology as the game changer in the IT industry. It enables users to select and deploy their Read more>>


Cloud Computing Technology: Driving Business Agility

Cloud computing is evolving as a compelling paradigm for all business segments to manage and deliver their services in the most affluent way. Built on virtualized compute and storage technologies, cloud has remarkably remodeled the landscape of IT industry, turning utility based computing into a reality. Realizing cloud as a lucrative business opportunity to cut Read more>>

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Why Is Cloud Computing Important For Small And Medium Business

Cloud swiftly entered the world of technology without making many people know about it. The movement to cloud computing has been so smooth that business houses are now virtually dependant on it. From sending email to clients through Gmail or managing customer relationship while handling projects on basecamp, businesses have endorsed cloud in more than Read more>>


Advancement And New Innovations Are The Success Ladder For Cloud Providers

To be ahead of time, every business is coming up with new concepts, products, services, and abilities. Right kind of advances along with a perfect mix of strategy – is the need of an hour. If you’re looking forward to partner with a cloud hosting service provider, get yourself assured about the provider’s innovation track Read more>>

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Cloud Computing and Most Common Misconceptions

Decades of research on virtualization, utility computing, distributed computing, software applications, web and networking resulted in a futuristic technology known as Cloud Computing. Various sources have different definitions for Cloud; some of them are as follows: Wikipedia Says, “Cloud computing is a phrase used to describe a variety of computing concepts that involve a large Read more>>