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Where Are You In Your Cloud Journey?

Cloud has covered a long way helping businesses to embark in an era of digital development with a goal to support the dynamically changing business landscape. Indeed, shifting interest of businesses to cloud has created ripples in the hyper-connected world, as it boasts some inimitable attributes and costs only a fraction of other competing computing technologies. With great cloud computing power, information storage capacity, smooth workflow capabilities, and disaster recovery solutions to protect businesses from incalculable sufferings, cloud has gone mainstream. If we turn back the time, we can easily make out the difference between yesterday and today’s business, speed would come out as the biggest differentiating factor. Be it software development cycle, product lifespan, or market challenges – everything has got compressed. Cloud Hosting Providers in India

Whether you are a bank, a school, a retail store, or a manufacturer, one of the biggest challenges for all is to keep pace with the changing business realities. Here, cloud has proven to be a bountiful alternative. Questions like, whether the cloud-enabled solutions have the potential to improve business’s bottom line, have turned into, which cloud hosting solution best fits into the strategies of a business.’

Well, determining which cloud provider in India is competent to match your strategic business requests and can cut the mustard is not an easy undertaking. The cloud computing industry is still evolving, and new service providers are appearing, offering a smorgasbord of services, such as public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, cloud CDN, and cloud storage solutions.

Have you begun your cloud journey?

Inarguably, cloud bestows a swathe of benefits to industries, and the IT sector is no different. Every business follows its own roadmap to bring cloud solutions onboard. It fuels the need for businesses to fathom where exactly they are in the cloud adoption roadmap and where they wish to be 2-3 years down the line.

  • A plethora of organizations both startups and giants are migrating only a few processes to cloud in a quest to evaluate the cloud’s competencies. They are stepping in with pragmatism to ensure how cloud can add value to their business operations.
  • Another tier of companies that were successful in clearing the air pertaining to cloud’s potential are integrating cloud solutions to leverage agility, resiliency, and economies of scale.
  • Rest of the organizations that have adopted cloud way back to augment their operational efficiency and slash down capital expenses are focusing on how cloud can help them to grow and outflank their counterparts.

No matter where you are in your cloud journey, you are required to put your efforts and keep all your senses open when selecting a cloud service benefactor that explicitly aligns with your priorities and goals.

Before you get started, you need to comprehend where you are at present and where you want to be over next two to three years. To put it simply, be clear about your business objectives and aim for making cloud a part of your business journey.

Comprehending the Cloud Providers….

Typically, all the cloud service providers offer access to a large pool of cloud computing resources over the network in an exchange of monthly/flexible subscription charges. However, this does not imply that all clouds are created equally and every service provider is on the same page. Remember, one size does not fit for all. The major strategy for most of the cloud vendors is to make their operations more and more scalable, so that they can drive their profit motives. To put it simply, their prime objective is to bring more clients on board to benefit from the economies of scale. And, to achieve the desired level of scalability, they are getting engaged with stock keeping unit (SKU), allowing customers to pick from the list. The service providers going by this approach derive scale and great profit margins by pricing their services competitively.

Moving ahead, experts suggest that knowing your provider’s strengths and weaknesses means half of the battle own. And, yes, this is quite relevant in today’s business environment. See if the stock keeping units offered by your preferred vendor are capable of sustaining the rapid growth in performance.

If your evaluation comes out favoring the same and they are capable of anticipating current and futuristic requirements, then you can step in with this cloud approach. And, if not, do not waste time making adjustments, rather seek other service providers.

The providers that are SKU based business model will not be making modifications so swiftly. Also, you might have to compromise on several grounds such as performance, agility, and cost savings. As options are unlimited, you just need to concentrate on two things – what you want and where you want to be. That’s it!

Last, but not the least. Ensure brand reliability before making the move…

Certainly, reliability matters a lot when competition is so high, missteps can bring Doomsday for your business. Today, every business needs to be fast. Select a provider that offers unmatched network uptime, ensures lowest latency, and has well-documented disaster recovery strategies and business continuity plans in place, to keep your business assets, data, and applications away from attacks.

  • Before you sign up for the service, evaluate the service level agreements
  • Evaluate the security approach, processes, procedures, and regulatory and compliance needs.
  • Evaluate the disaster recovery plans and redundancy.

Furthermore, today most of the cloud hosting providers in India offer self-service cloud solutions that can be scaled up and scaled down in the most hassle-free manner. This self-service model proves ideal for developers, web server farms, and for those seeking on-demand resources, but not for those, who lack internal resources and seeking to employ hybrid cloud model as most of the self-service based vendors lack capabilities to hybrid workloads.

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