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How Cloud Computing Has Become A Reality

Today, cloud adoption is rampantly intensifying its footprint everywhere. The truth is that organizations of all kinds across a wide variety of sectors are actively involved in cloud adoption to bolster their financial return on investment (ROI). Though, ROI is a driving force, the full value of cloud Computing extends beyond cost-savings and is achieved through business transformation.

Right from strategy and planning, to deployment and testing, and data backup to indispensable systems like ERP and CRM, cloud-based solutions are becoming integral to enterprise business. A study conducted by Forrester suggests that overall public cloud market is expected to reach by approx. $191 billion by the year 2020.

Rise of Cloud Technology

Conventionally, organizations can enter into the success orbit by simply providing absolute products or services to its users, and count upon the established customer-base for repeated sales. This concept has completely overhauled in today’s digitally connected world where users have an access to multi fold products/services in concord with their specific requirements. They can share, update and give feedback with the world at the click of a button.

Businesses adopting cloud have reported better revenue growth and gross profits than companies restraining themselves from cloud migration. Many businesses have started realizing the potential of cloud and are finding significant ways for cloud adoption. Evidently, technology is now not restricted or limited to IT department only, it has far-stretched its roots. Cloud service providers owe full responsibility to manage the infrastructure and applications allowing businesses to implement technology without involving their IT teams.  According to Gartner 90 % of all business technology investment will be outside of IT departments by 2020. In addition, cloud hosting provides quick access to Big Data, mobile and analytics resources to connect with the world in no time.

In a nutshell, cloud Computing enables innovation by releasing IT from the load of managing applications, desktops, and infrastructure and letting them focus on vital business pursuits.  Moreover, it empowers employees to capitalize on business innovations to perform their jobs in a better way, shaping business advantage in the fast-changing business world.

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